Are freshmen required to live on campus? Why?


Southeast has established a requirement that all full-time students live on campus for two years. Research shows that by living on campus during the first two years of college, your student is more likely to:

  • stay in college
  • earn a higher than average grade point average (GPA)
  • enjoy a well-rounded, personal, academic and social experience
  • save time by living close to his/her classes, on-campus job and friends and...graduate from college!

In accordance with the residency requirement, all full-time students must live on campus unless they meet at least one of the following criteria for exemption from the residency requirement:

  • Are living with lineal relatives (parent, grandparent) or legal guardian and commuting from their residence within a reasonable distance (50 miles) of Cape Girardeau.
  • Are 21 years of age by the beginning of the semester for which they are enrolled.
  • Are a military veteran.
  • Have completed at least 57 credit hours, which are accepted by the University towards earning a degree from Southeast.
  • Are married and/or have dependent children in residence.
  • Have lived in University housing at Southeast for two years (four semesters, not including summer).