Should my son/daughter bring a car to campus?


Southeast has made a commitment to maintaining green space on campus; therefore, parking is very limited.  All new freshmen, regardless of their residence hall assignments, must park their vehicles in what the student’s affectionately call “The Pig Lot,” a parking lot located just to the west of the Show Me Center.

A University shuttle service provides transportation from all perimeter parking lots to the residence halls and to all major academic buildings.  In addition, Student Government and the Dean of Students sponsor a weekend shuttle service When in Need-Go Shuttle or Wings, which provides student transportation to the area shopping facilities and downtown restaurant establishments.

Students can manage very well without a car; in fact, with parking at a premium, having a car can be a hindrance rather than a help.  Southeast is a residential campus, so many students spend their weekends on campus because of the wide variety of activities and social life available.

However, should your student decide to bring a car to campus, they will be required to purchase a parking permit.  Parking permits are issued using a priority system based on seniority.  Special parking permits for students with disabilities, special or temporary needs can be obtained by contacting the Department of Public Safety, Dearmont Hall West Wing, phone (573) 651-2215.