What emergency procedures should parents recommend their student have in place?


Make sure your student has a list of all pertinent telephone numbers, not only for parents and siblings, but also for grandparents, physicians, ministers and any other family members who might need to be alerted in case of emergency. Please remind your student to share with their roommate, a landlord or close friend the location of those emergency phone numbers so the information can be accessed quickly.

Have a plan in place for having your student contact you or another family member in case of emergency. Define for your student who the first contact should be, followed by a minimum of three layers of contacts.

Remember that in case of a major emergency, all cell phone towers may be overly congested. In that case, it may be more productive for your student to contact a friend or relative outside the Midwest and ask that person to relay a message to you.

Encourage your student to observe all the emergency instructions provided on campus and to thoroughly read through the safety information provided in the Student Planner/Handbook, which each student receives at the beginning of the fall semester. Your student needs to be aware of what to do in case of an emergency on campus.

If an emergency occurs, please do not drive to campus unless advised to do so. Monitor the home page of this Web site and the suggested news outlets for any information about the campus emergency.