Escort Service

The department provides a Student Watch and Escort Service (SWES) on campus available to students upon request. Students can contact SWES for an escort.

Night Shuttle Service

The late night shuttle service for students operates from 5:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m., seven days a week while school is in session. For more information visit the Campus Transit Website.

A.L.I.C.E Alert Lockdown Information Counter Evacuate

How to Respond to an Active Shooter Event
In the horrible event that an active shooter makes his or her way into a school, hospital, church, or business, there are steps that can be taken as an effort to survive an attack. With workplace violence as a rising trend across the United States, the ALICE method is not limited to preventing a school shooting. The ALICE Training Program provides examples for real, effective ways to thwart an active shooter. The breakdown below covers how to respond to violent intruder attacks. ALICE strategies are not chronological in order, but provide options for individuals to utilize in attempts to survive an emergency situation. ALICE Training can be catered to your specific needs.

Crime Prevention Programs

Crime prevention presentations and programs are provided to the University community and the surrounding area. Presentations are available on sexual assault, burglary, alcohol and drugs, residence hall crime, vandalism, bicycle crime and safety, child abduction and abuse, robbery, and several other topics.

Campus Alarm System

The Department's communication center monitors several alarm systems on campus. The communications center monitors and dispatches University Police Officers to fire alarms, intrusion alarms, and panic alarms.

Property Engraving

The Crime Prevention Unit provides a property engraving service to students and staff. Property engraving is available at the Department's headquarters or an engraver can be loaned for a short period of time.

Security and Safety Surveys

The department conducts surveys of campus parking lots, exterior lighting, exterior building doors, campus grounds, etc. Work orders are completed for identified problems and repairs.

Locking of Facilities

The majority of University academic and administrative facilities are locked by a specific time (between 10:00 p.m. and 12:00 midnight). Employees need current University Identification and others need a valid building pass to remain or enter after a building is closed. The academic and administrative buildings are patrolled by campus officers after closing.


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