Southeast Missouri State University

A complete list of training topics and dates is available below based on the month the training will be offered. All available training sessions will appear for that specific month. Click on the class links to view specific information about each class, including time, location and CEU credits.

Note: The CEU list is constantly under review and revision. This is because many of our instructors are active-duty law enforcement officers and are occasionally called to other responsibilities. These classes will be held as scheduled pending instructor availability. For this reason, you are cautioned to call the Academy prior to your training to assure there has not been a change.

We no longer offer a yearly contract for CE's. Instead we are offering block classes at least once per year. These block classes offer every CE needed to complete the 48 hour CE requirement.


Call 573-290-5110 to sign up for a class. A maximum of five officers will be accepted per class during our regular Academy, so call early.

January 2014

SFST/BA Certification
January 13-16, 8am-5pm

February 2014

Survival Mentality
February 11, 8am-Noon

Tactical Communication
February 12, 8am-5pm

Jail Officer Course
February 13, 8am-5pm

Interviewing Skills
February 21, 8am-Noon

Interrogation Process
February 21, 1pm-5pm

February 24, 10am to Noon and 1pm to 3pm

Ethics & Professionalism
February 28, 1pm-5pm

March 2014

Firearms Instructor I
March 17 - 21, 8am-5pm
NOTE - Officers MUST complete ALL 40 HOURS to receive this certificate.

SFST/BA Certification
March 24-27, 8am-5pm

April 2014

Firearms Instructor II - Shotgun
April 8 - 10, 8am-5pm
PLUS Night-fire on April 9 from 6pm-10pm
Prerequisite: Firearms Instructor I

Patrol Rifle - (NOTE: This is NOT an instructor's course! This course is End-User ONLY!)
April 16 and 17, 8am-5pm
Students must attend both days. Cost is $150 or $100 if student provides personal rifle and 200 rounds of ammunition

April 25, 8am-5pm

May 2014

Medical First Responder
May 5 - 9, 8am-5pm

Hostage Negotiations
May 12, 8am-5pm


Patrol Rifle Instructor
July 23-25, 8am-5pm

Tactical Communication 4-Hour
July 28, 8am-Noon

Racial Profiling
July 28, 1pm-4pm

July 29, 8am-Noon

Legal Update
July 29, 1pm-5pm

July 30, 8am-5pm

MMA for Law Enforcement Officers
July 31, 8am-5pm


Hostage Negotiation
August 1, 8am-5pm

Survival Mentality
August 26, 8am-Noon

Tactical Communication
August 27, 8am-5pm


September 8, 10am-3pm

Ethics & Professionalism
September 12, 1pm-5pm

Hostage Negotiation
September 27, 8am-5pm


Firearms Instructor 1 - Handgun
October 6-10, 8am-5pm

Firearms Instructor 2 - Shotgun
October 20-22, 8am-5pm
PLUS Night-fire on October 21, from 6pm-10pm
Prerequisite: Firearms Instructor I

Patrol Rifle - (NOTE - This is NOT an instructor's course. End-user ONLY)
October 30-31, 8am-5pm


Interview Skills
November 8, 8am-Noon

Interrogation Techniques
November 8, 1pm-5pm

Death Investigations
November 11, 8am-3pm

Medical First Responder
November 17-21, 8am-5pm


December 8, 8am-5pm

Please check back often as we are always adding additional classes.