Welcome to the Online Bachelor of Science in Technology Management Degree website. The Technology Management option is specifically designed for students who have earned accredited Associate of Applied Science degrees in technically-oriented programs and desire to complete a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Degree in Technology Management.

This option is also available to students with a recognized national certification or exam score and three years of related work experience. If you are a new Technology Management option online student and/or this is your first time viewing the page, please use the important information to assist you in planning your progress towards graduation and determining the next step you need to take.

We're here to help you! If you have additional questions contact:

  • Amanda Eller
    Coordinator of Special Programs & Services
    College of Science, Technology & Agriculture 
    Phone: (573) 986-6746
Southeast Online
How Online Courses Work

Students post questions and comments to the course's asynchronous threaded discussion forum. This allows students to hold conversations with other classmates and the instructor without having to be online at the same time. Forum discussions are generally archived so they can be accessed at a later point in the course as needed. In addition to the forum, students can also communicate with classmates and the instructor through private messages within the course or through the Southeast Key email address. Students post assignments and read lessons on the course website as well.

The course website may also have a section for exams and quizzes, administered online, as well as the course grade book. The exams and quizzes are generally timed and may be multiple choice, short essay, or long essay in format. Testing will vary from course to course, from the types required to how many are required during the semester. Some courses may require proctored exams, while others do not.

We highly recommend completing our demonstration course to see how our courses are organized and test the technology used. Any interested person can create a username and login in order to try the course, and current Southeast students can use their Southeast Key for quick access. We also suggest reading through our Online Student Guidebook for a more detailed explanation, preparation tips and other helpful resources.

Expectations Online

Our online courses follow the traditional semester calendar at Southeast. Most fall or spring semester classes will run approximately 16 weeks, while summer courses vary from 4 weeks to 8 weeks depending upon the session of the course.

Online courses require frequent access as they follow the traditional semester calendar at Southeast. Even though students may not have to "be" in class on some specific day and time, they must still follow the established deadlines for the submission of course assignments. Thus, students should have consistent Internet access throughout the duration of the course. In case of an absence, arrangements should be made to submit assignments ahead of the posted schedule. Students should log in to your course multiple times each week to keep up with new content as it is posted, as well as check your Southeast email account for important updates.

Online courses require a proactive approach to learning. In an online course, instructors may serve more as facilitators of learning rather than being directly in charge of the discussion. Online courses require active participation by each student and are not independent study in nature. Also, students need to speak up right away with questions or problems to ensure their success in the course. Both the instructor and other classmates may be able to help depending upon the questions you have.

Important Considerations

Learning Style- Due to the nature of online learning, many courses may have a greater amount of reading and writing than do many face-to-face courses. Students who prefer visual and written learning methods often thrive in the online learning environment, while students who prefer oral learning methods may find online courses to be more challenging. For more information on your learning style and helpful study tips for your individual style, we recommend taking the free VARK assessment online.

Time Commitments - Expect to spend at least as much time working on an online course as a traditional face-to-face course. On average, students should expect to spend about 3 hours per week for each full-term credit hour enrolled in the fall or spring semester. Expect to spend double that for an 8 week course (6 hours of study/credit hour) and four times that for an accelerated 4 week course (12 hours of study/credit hour).

System Requirements – Students must not necessarily own a computer, but they must have regular access to a computer that meets the minimum system requirements for taking online courses. Please refer to our list of system requirements for PC and Mac for more information. We also offer a system diagnostic program to walk students through the process and check some requirements automatically.

Computer Literacy– Students should also have certain computer literacy skills in order to successfully complete an online course. The following skills are critical to successful completion of an online course:

  • Connect to the Internet
  • Navigate the Internet using a web browser
  • Use e-mail to send and receive attachments
  • Store and retrieve files
  • Use a word processing program
  • Able to install software as instructed (i.e. Acrobat Reader, Windows updates)
  • Have basic keyboarding knowledge

If you've not done so already, please take some time to read our Online Orientation Web site and become familiar with Southeast Online and the services and information available for online degree students. We also recommend that you read our Southeast Online Handbook and try our demonstration course to get the feel for our online classroom structure. Your admission letter should include your Southeast ID number, which you will need in order to access other aspects of the university.

If you are a new transfer student or a returning student with transfer credit, your file will be evaluated for precise course transferability. Once evaluation is complete, the Registrar will mail both you a copy of your full evaluation and advising information. Once this evaluation process is complete, you can begin working with me, Amanda Eller, to select available courses that match your remaining degree requirements and your interests.

If you are a returning student, please check with Student Financial Services (573-651-2253) before contacting me for advising and enrollment. If you owe any balance from your past attendance, you will be prevented from registering until the amount is paid, and it is better to discover this early in the process so you have ample time to correct the situation.

Are there any benefits or restrictions for online degree students?

As an online degree student, we will do our best to assist you in registering in your desired number of hours. For the best selection we highly recommend you complete your advising and attempt to register on your Priority Registration Date, which is based upon credit hours completed. If you cannot secure your full course load or necessary graduation requirements through open enrollment, please contact me as soon as possible.

How long is a typical course? Can I work at my own pace?
Fall/Spring Semester
  • Full semester (traditional): 16 weeks
  • 1st 8 week and 2nd 8 week courses are rarely available online.
Summer Semester
  • Pre-session: 4 weeks immediately after spring finals
  • Regular session: 8 weeks in middle of summer
  • 1st 4 week session: first half of the regular session
  • 2nd 4 week session: second half of the regular session

The pace for each course is already established, and you will want to check for updates each day. Our online courses follow the same timeline as their face-to-face counterparts. You can schedule accordingly and work ahead as assignments are announced, but you must meet your course deadlines to receive full credit. The full semester calendar, including holidays and drop deadlines, is available on the Registrar's website.

How many hours can I take each semester?

This is a matter I discuss individually with each advisee. Remember that online courses require the same amount of work as face-to-face courses, but a different format. Be sure to consider the amount of time spent weekly between employment, family and recreation. Students can take as little as one course (3-5 hours) each semester or as many as 18 hours during the regular fall and spring terms. You must take at least 6 hours to qualify for your financial aid awards. To be considered full-time, you must have at least 12 hours for the fall or spring semester. Most online courses are 3 credit hours.

  • Fall/Spring semester maximum: 18 hours
  • Summer semester maximum: 4 hours pre-session and/or 9 hours regular session (also limit one during each 4 week session)

If your cumulative (overall) GPA is less than 2.0, then you will be limited to the following:

  • Fall/Spring semester maximum: 12 hours
  • Summer semester maximum: 6 hours total
How do I activate my Southeast (SE) Key? What if I lose my password?

To use the student portal site, you must first activate your SE Key. Go to portal.semo.edu. Under the login area, click the link for SE Key Activation. Enter your Southeast ID (SXXXXXXXX) and day and year of birth to begin the activation process. Be sure you write down your new SE Key as well as the password you just established. You will use this information to access all services within the portal, including your online courses and Southeast email. Your email address will simply be SOUTHEASTKEY@semo.edu. I also recommend that you set up the Password Reset Facility in case you forget your new password. Here is the link for step by step instructions on activating a Southeast Key: http://www6.semo.edu/helpdesk/Resources/tutorials/sekey.asp

If you have problems in activating your SE Key, please contact the Information Technology Help Desk at 573.651.4357. If you have activated your SE Key and cannot remember your password, there is only one way to reset it remotely:

Send a fax to 573.651.2200 of a photo ID along with your Southeast ID number (SXXXXXXXX), signature, and the new password you desire. Make sure that your password follows the established rules (at least 3 of 4 elements from these criteria - upper case, lower case, symbols, numbers) or Information Technology will be unable to reset it for you.

My last name has changed since I first attended Southeast. Can I change my SE Key?

In the event of a name change, you must first update your record in the Office of the Registrar. If you unsure of your current status, please visit the Personal Information menu in the portal to confirm. To update, send a fax to 573.651.5155 of proof of name change (social security card, court ordered document, driver's license), your Southeast ID number (SXXXXXXXX), your request to update your name, and your signature.

Once your name is correct in the database, you may then email Nancy with your old name, your new name and your Southeast ID number.

What is required to complete the Bachelor of Science in Technology Management: Technology Management option?

This is the general outline for the BS Technology Management: Technology Management option, but keep in mind that each individual situation is unique and that transfer credit will affect what is needed to graduate. You must meet all sub-requirements, even if this causes you to surpass the 120 hour minimum for the degree.

  1. University Studies Requirements (General Education) 48 hours, 39 lower level (waived by certain AA degrees) + 9 hours upper level. Detailed information is available here.
  2. Major Requirements - 39 hours at 300-500 level (UI3xx and UI4xx courses will also count here)
Technology Management Requirements
Course Number Course Name Credit
IM-102 Technical Communication 3 hrs__
IM-301 Industrial Safety Supervision 3 hrs__
IM-311 Statistical Process Control 3 hrs__
IM-419 Industrial Supervision 3 hrs__
IM-506 Projects in Polytech 3 hrs__
MA-133 Plane Trigonometry 3 hrs__
MA-134 College Algebra 3 hrs__
MN-220 Engineering Economics Analysis 3 hrs__
MN-260 Technical Computer Programming Appl 3 hrs__
PH-120 Introductory Physics I 5 hrs__

Introductory Physics II
Basic Principles of Chemistry
5 hrs__
SW-207 Understanding Cult & Soc Diversity 3 hrs__
UI-410 Manufacturing Research 3 hrs__
40 hrs__

You will be awarded up to 34 credit hours for the technical courses that are part of your Associate of Applied Science degree.

Transfer Credit: 34 hrs__

MA-139 Applied Calculus 3 hrs__
Industrial Management Courses

21 hours

Course Number Course Name Credit
IM-315 Work Measurement 3 hrs__
IM-313 Facilities Planning 3 hrs__
IM-411 Total Quality Assurance 3 hrs__
IM-417 Manufacturing Resource Analysis 3 hrs__
Last 9 hours (choose from)
ET-426, ET-470, IM-455, MG-301, MG-362, MG462, MK301, QM352 or QM358 (or others as available)
9 hrs__
General Requirements for Graduation
  1. Residency at Southeast - at least 30 hours from Southeast
  2. Current residency at Southeast -12 of your final 18 hours must be taken with Southeast
  3. Grade Point Average at Southeast: 2.0 minimum required
  4. Grade Point Average Cumulative: 2.0 minimum required
  5. Grade Point Average in Major: 2.0 minimum required
  6. Writing Proficiency - WP003, 75 Hour Writing Proficiency Exam with passing score required
  7. Measure of Academic Proficiency and Progress exam (MAPP)
  8. CL001, CL002, CL003 and CL004 (based upon entry year and credit hours completed previously)
Other Requirements
  1. Total hours required: 120 hours minimum required for graduation
  2. ALL required developmental courses must be completed (and do not count in 120 hour total)
What is the WP003 Writing Assessment? How do I register?

The WP003 is a writing assessment checkpoint that must be passed for graduation. There is no fee for taking this assessment, but it is required for graduation. Southeast wants to ensure that all students are maintaining their writing skills obtained in those initial composition courses. Upon successful completion of EN140 (English Composition II/Rhetoric and Critical Thinking) and at least 75 credit hours, you may register for this assessment. Be sure to click the CRN link on the class schedule to see which date the assessment is being offered. New transfer students with more than 90 hours completed are waived from this assessment.

Scoring criteria, scoring scales and sample essays are available through the Writing Outcomes Web site. If you do not pass the assessment, you must contact Writing Outcomes and ask to submit a portfolio as your second chance opportunity. This portfolio option generally occurs over the duration of the semester with scheduled checkpoints. However, most students pass the assessment without difficulty.

This assessment may be completed either online or at a campus convenient to you. If you wish to take the assessment in person, you must bring two valid forms of identification - and you may register on open enrollment. If you wish to take the online assessment, contact me to request registration. You must be an online degree student to obtain approval for this section. In the online version, you will be provided a particular 24 hour window in which to take the approximately 2 hour assessment. The online version is only offered once each fall and spring semesters.

What is the Career Services initiative (CL001, CL002, CL003, CL004)?

The Career Services initiative is a four part sequence designed to assist students with career planning and goals as they progress to graduation. Thus, when you graduate with your degree, you will also know how to effectively market yourself. This is required for all students beginning at Southeast Fall 2005 or beyond or students returning to Southeast after an absence of one or more terms. If you are unsure whether this applies to you, please contact me for clarification. There are no fees associated with registering for these checkpoints.

Any student may request individual career planning assistance, regardless of whether the full CLxxx sequence is required. Please refer to the Career Services frame with the My Southeast Portal, located in the left column of the Student tab, for more information.

New students will take CL001 and CL002 at the same time as their UI100 First Year Seminar course. New transfers or returning students with a large number of hours are permitted to enroll for CL001 and CL002 during the same semester. CL003 and CL004 are typically completed different semesters. Student with over 90 credits hours upon transferring to Southeast (or returning after a prolonged absence) will be exempt from parts CL001-CL003.

To register for one of the CL checkpoints, please contact me.

Description of CLXXX Sequence
Course Description
CL001 Complete FOCUS-2, a web-based career interest inventory 
CL002 Students will interpret their FOCUS-2 results to determine their best academic and career path
CL003 Update MissouriCareerSource.com and complete and pass the Career & Internship Readiness Assessment
CL004 Complete GreatHires.org profile and submit final resume and cover letter for evaluation, complete mock interviews if appropriate (can be phone interviews)
What is the Measure of Academic Proficiency and Progress (MAPP)? How do I register?
MAPP 1 Exam for Entering Students

Criteria for entering student to enroll in MX001 (section according to location for Regional Campuses):

  1. First-time student with no credit hours
  2. First-time student with less than 60 hours
  3. Returning student with less than 60 hours
  4. Transfer student with less than 60 hours

Students must complete the MAPP 1 entrance exam by the deadline date prior to the next semester registration to avoid receiving an Academic Hold. If an academic hold is received, the student must take the MAPP 1 entrance exam before the hold can be lifted.

MAPP 2 Exam for Exiting Seniors

Criteria for taking MAPP 2 Exit Exam
Must have completed 90 semester hours before registering for MAPP 2 Exit Exam
Students are to register for the MAPP 2 Exit Exam via Testing Services website.

Online students will be required to take the MAPP 1 and MAPP 2 as prescribed in the above description. These students will need to find a proctor to administer the exam near their location. Proctoring information can be found at the following link at the Testing Services website.

Testing Services will coordinate proctoring procedures with the student. Online-students may contact Testing Services at 573-651-2836 or testingservices@semo.edu

Am I required to meet with an advisor?

As an online student, you have the flexibility to complete your academic advising by phone, email or in person. Email is the preferred method as no appointment is required and both parties then have written records of the discussion.  You must confirm degree requirements and course selection each semester with your advisor before you will be permitted to register.  Once you have completed this, you will receive your new alternate PIN for registration purposes.  If you have elected to place a confidentiality hold on your account, you are only permitted to complete your advising through your Southeast Key email.

When/How do I register for courses? How do I drop a course?

Course registration generally begins in the following pattern:

  • Fall Semester - early April
  • Spring Semester - late October/early November
  • Summer Semester - early February

Registration priority is based upon your completed credit hours on file at Southeast.  You can determine your earliest date to register by checking the most recent chart here.  The earlier you discuss your course options with me and begin registration, the better selection of courses you will have available.  If you are unable to get your target number of credit hours or specific requirements for degree goals, please contact me as soon as possible.

Registration opens at 7 a.m. daily and closes at 9 p.m.  If you attempt to access the menu outside of this time range, you will receive a message that misleads you to believe your alternate PIN is not correct.  Please try again during the scheduled hours before contacting myself or technical support for assistance.

To check course availability and register, login the My Southeast Portal and choose the Student tab.  Enter My Southeast Self-Service and select the Student and Financial Aid menu, then choose Registration.  A how-to guide is available to walk you through the process.

  • To look up course availability, use the Look Up Classes feature in the My Southeast Portal. 
  • To register, select Add or Drop Classes.  Select term for which you wish to register and enter the alternate PIN obtained in your advising session.

If you need to drop a course, please check the refund schedule to see what percentage, if any, you will receive back.  Your textbook refund is determined by its postmark date.  Please note that your financial aid could be adversely affected by dropping a course -- please consult Student Financial Services before you drop your course.  You will need your alternate PIN to be able to drop a course.  Simply change the drop down menu beside the course you wish to drop and submit your changes.  After doing so, the drop down option should disappear and the course will be designated as dropped within the semester.

How do I know if I meet the pre-requisites for my courses?

The first step is to find the course description in either the University Studies Handbook (only University Studies courses) or the University Bulletin (all courses).  Some courses will not have pre-requisites, while others may require certain University Studies categories (i.e. Living Systems, Social Systems, Political Systems) or even specific courses (i.e. SC105, PS103 or PS104, MA134 and AD101).  Still other courses may state junior standing (60 hours) or senior standing (90 hours) in order to take the course.

Course levels:

  • 100-200 level courses are open to all students (if any).
  • 300-500 level courses are open to students with at least 45 hours completed.
  • 600-700 level courses are ONLY for graduate students.
  • 800 level courses are workshops for both undergraduate and graduate students.  800-833 are open to all students, while 834-866 are open to students with at least 45 hours completed.

The second step is to check your Unofficial Transcript in Self-Service.  This will show all courses completed and in progress to help you remember what you have already taken.  If you have credit that is over 10 years old, next check the title on the needed pre-requisite(s).  If you are still uncertain, you should confirm your selection with me as some course numbers may have changed since you completed the course (i.e. US101 = US105, MA136 = MA140, EN150 = EN140). 

The registration system is NOT currently designed to check pre-requisites except in rare cases.  It is your responsibility as a student to make sure you are not only prepared for your next course, and that you will not be dropped by the department when they realize you lack the proper prerequisites.  Most departments check rosters in close proximity to the semester start, and I may be unable to assist you in finding a replacement. 

How can I calculate my potential semester GPA?

After finding your attempted hours on your Unofficial Transcripts (Student Records submenu of Student & Financial Aid within the portal), you can use this guide to Calculating GPA to play "what if" with your current or future courses.  Any courses starting with the number 0 should not be included in the calculations (i.e. MA090, CH081, etc). 

What does it mean to be on academic probation?

Students who have a cumulative GPA under 2.0 ('C' average) are placed on academic probation.  Academic probation students are limited to 12 hours in the fall or spring or 6 hours in the summer semester.  Students must achieve a 2.0 semester GPA to demonstrate continued improvement or they will be suspended from the University for one fall/spring semester.  Students who are readmitted after sitting out and who fall on probation a second time will be disqualified for one full academic year.  Additionally, students on academic probation may find limitations in regards to available financial aid.

The fastest way to raise GPA is to repeat courses of 'D' or 'F' grades.  Southeast has a policy of grade replacement, in that only the most recent attempt will be counted towards your GPA.  (All attempts will remain a part of your academic record, however.)

How do I check my progress towards completing the degree?

All students have access to their DegreeWorks degree audit report via the Southeast Portal.  DegreeWorks is a web-based tool to help students and advisors monitor progress toward degree completion. DegreeWorks looks at the degree requirements of the Southeast Missouri State University Undergraduate and Graduate BULLETINS and the coursework completed to produce an easy-to-read audit. The audit is divided into block requirements of how courses, taken or proposed, count toward degree requirements. Checkboxes exist within each block to easily outline what courses and requirements are complete or in-progress.

More information is available at the Registrar's Degreeworks Website 

When and how can I apply for graduation? If I am not going to the ceremony, do I still need to apply?

Once you have confirmed remaining requirements with me (and minor if applicable) and you have registered for all courses, you should download the graduation application from the Commencement website Graduation website.  Once you have applied, all schedule changes will require approval from the Registrar's Office - and any request for changes will move your application to the end of the list.

You should apply for graduation no later than the FIRST day of classes of your LAST semester.  If you are a summer graduate and wish to participate in the commencement exercises for spring (since there is no summer commencement), you must apply for graduation no later than the FIRST day summer registration opens (mid-February).  For exact deadlines and dates for submitting paperwork, please visit the commencement Web site. If you have missed the stated deadline, I encourage you to call and/or submit the paperwork -- if they agree to accept you as a late addition, a late fee would also apply. 

If you wish to participate in the ceremony, you must return the appropriate documents by the deadlines - otherwise, there will be no cap and gown waiting for you at the Show Me Center!  We welcome all online students to participate in the commencement exercises, especially if this will be your first visit to our campus!

Even if you do not wish to participate, you must apply for graduation at the proper time.  Otherwise, the Registrar's Office will not know your intentions nor review your eligibility for graduation.  Your degree will not be awarded and you will not graduate unless you formally apply by the given deadlines.

How can I borrow library books and videos?

Online students can have books and videos from Kent Library at Southeast Missouri State University, in addition to books from the state-wide lending program MOBIUS, shipped to their primary residence free of charge.   Each library item shipped comes with a prepaid return envelope.  Additionally, materials may be picked up at one of the over 60 Missouri libraries in the MOBIUS system.
For more assistance on this process, visit Kent Library online at http://library.semo.edu/.  Pay special attention to the link for distance learners.  Students must be active with the University and use their Southeast ID to access online services. 

How can I receive assistance with my writing?

All Southeast students have access to the Center for Writing Excellence.  Students can submit drafts of papers to the center for additional feedback and guidance on the drafting process, walk through writing tutorials to refresh memory or ask individual questions of the writing staff.  Please note that the staff will not proofread your entire submission, but rather they seek to work with you in order to teach you how to be a better proofreader as well as clarify any repetitive errors made.  If you utilize this resource, please do so well in advance of your submission deadline for the course so you have adequate time for the revision and communication process.

The online submission form will not allow students to submit documents over six pages in length.  As an online degree student, you can still receive assistance with longer submissions.  Please contact the Writing Center through the above link for more information.

What if I need disability or tutorial assistance? What is available to me?

The offices of Learning Assistance Programs and Disability Student Services provide both disability and tutorial assistance to Southeast students.  Online students with disabilities may receive assistance by registering with the office as outlined on their Web site.   Although tutorial assistance is not available online, online students are welcome to visit them for face-to-face tutorial services and other learning resources.  Additionally, if you have difficulty in understanding your materials or assignments, many faculty will answer additional questions via E-mail or phone or refer you to additional resources that may assist you in your studies.

How/when do I get textbooks?

Once you have finalized your schedule, you must request your books at the Textbook Rental website under Textbooks - Textbook Rental - Web/ITV.  Their web request form (below costs and instructions) is the easiest way to request your books as it provides a confirmation page for your reference.  Your rental fees and shipping fees will be added to your account balance. 

Some courses require supplemental materials.  After requesting your rental textbooks, check the link on the rental request page to see if your course(s) requires any additional materials for purchase.  These materials can be purchased directly from the Southeast Bookstore website.

Requested textbooks begin shipping app. 1-2 weeks before the session starts, and arrival time will vary depending upon the date of your request, your distance from Southeast and the method of shipping you select.  You may request your books earlier than this time frame if it is more convenient for you, but the books will not ship until students have returned them from current semester.  If you did not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of submitting your request, please contact Textbook Rental.  There may have been a problem with your submission.

If you live close to Cape Girardeau, you are welcome to pick up your books in person the week before classes begin.  However, you must bring a copy of your schedule AND a student ID card to receive your books. 

There are several options for returning rental textbooks at the end of each semester:

  • Return textbooks to main campus -- must be received by 4 pm the Monday following finals

  • Return textbooks to any of the Sikeston, Malden, Kennett, or Perryville regional campuses or the Poplar Bluff site -- must be received by 4 pm the Monday following finals

  • Return textbooks via mail -- must be postmarked by the Monday following finals

How do I get a student ID card?

Beginning Fall 2006, you may request a new Redhawk ID card using the following procedures:

  • Using a digital camera, take and save pictures to your computer, CD or Disk (preferably a CD-RW) in the .jpg format.
  • The individual should be posed in front of a light colored wall or background, and the picture should capture the head and shoulders.  Please do not wear sunglasses, hats or other items that obscure the face.
  • On a piece of paper or in the body of the email, please indicate the following information as it corresponds with the photo:
    • Last Name
    • First Name
    • Middle Initial
    • SS# or Student ID #
  • If mailing a disk/CD(s), it should be wrapped in additional padding (sheets of paper, plastic, bubble wrap, etc.) and enclosed in an envelope with the above information and mailed to: 
    ID Services/Information Desk
    Southeast Missouri State University 
    One University Plaza, MS 1175
    Cape Girardeau, MO 63701
  • If e-mailing the picture and information, please send it to gweber@semo.edu
  • Please be sure to include a return address where the completed ID(s), etc. should be mailed to and a contact name and number for the individual seeking the ID(s) in case of questions.
  • If you plan to visit campus, you are also welcome to visit ID Services in person to receive your Southeast ID.  ALL active students will need to get a Redhawk ID that reflects your new student ID number (S0xxxxxxx) for fall 2006 and beyond.
How can I borrow library books and videos?

Online students can have books and videos from Kent Library at Southeast Missouri State University, in addition to books from the state-wide lending program MOBIUS, shipped to their primary residence free of charge. Each library item shipped comes with a prepaid return envelope. Additionally, materials may be picked up at one of the over 60 Missouri libraries in the MOBIUS system.

For more assistance on this process, visit Kent Library online at http://library.semo.edu/.  Pay special attention to the link for distance learners. Students must be active with the University and use their Southeast ID to access online services. 

How can I find articles for my class assignments?

All Southeast students have access to library subscription databases that can help you find an article that matches your topic. The library has full-text access to over 24,000 journals, magazines and newspapers, so you will be able to get the full-text to many articles with a single click.  To learn more about finding articles, you can complete a self-paced tutorial Module 4- Finding Articles.