Academic Advising Council


Charge: To facilitate coordination of advising services University-wide. The Council will make recommendations regarding areas including, but not limited to, advisor/advisee responsibilities, advisor training, advising documentation, advisee loads, a reward/recognition system for faculty and staff advisors, use of technology to improve services to students, and ensuring a uniform level of advising services for all students.
Membership: The Director of the Center for Academic Advising and Career Services; Senior Coordinator for Collaborative Advising (representing Colleges of Health & Human Services, Liberal Arts, and School of University Studies); one professional staff advisor from the Colleges of Business, Education, and Science, Technology, & Agriculture, SE Online Programs, the athletics advising center, and the off-campus advising centers to serve as non-rotating members. One representative each from the offices of the Admissions, New Student Programs, and Registrar to represent Enrollment Management nominated by the Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Success & Dean of Students; one representative from the Office of Student Financial Services to be nominated by the Vice President of Finance and Administration; and one representative from International Education & Services; to also serve as non-rotating members. One faculty member (who advises) from each of the five colleges to be nominated by the dean will serve a three-year appointment. (Per Faculty Handbook policy, “Faculty members who serve full terms on University Standing Committees cannot succeed themselves.). One undergraduate student nominated by the President of Student Government to serve a one-year appointment. The Council is co-chaired by the Director or Academic Advising and Career Services and a faculty representative.
Reports to: Provost
Non-Rotating Members:

N/R   Michele Tapp, Director, Academic Advising and Career Services
N/R   Carol Heisserer, Senior Coordinator for Collaborative Advising
N/R   Mishea Culbreath, Business
N/R   Karie Stroder, Education
N/R   Amanda Eller, Science, Technology & Agriculture 
N/R   Chelsea Caile, SE Online Programs
N/R   Sharon Burgard, Athletics Advisor
N/R   Karen Tucker, Southeast @ Kennett
N/R   Lisa Webb, Southeast @ Malden
N/R   Kim Madigan, Southeast @ Sikeston
N/R   Mary Bauwens, Perryville Higher Education Center
N/R   Tinea Ortega, Cape College Center
N/R   Dan Presson, Admissions Office - Enrollment Mgmt. & Student Success
N/R   Katie Krodinger, New Student Programs, Enrollment Mgmt. & Student Success
N/R   Sarah Niswonger, Student Financial Services, Finance & Administration
N/R   Ryan Heslinga, Registrar Office - Enrollment Mgmt. & Student Success
N/R Rebecca Kehe, International Education & Services

Faculty Members:

AY 2013-2015   James McGill, Science, Technology, & Agriculture
AY 2014-2016   Kathy Smith, Liberal Arts
AY 2014-2016   Sandipan Sen, Business
AY 2015-2017   Tahsin Khalid, Education
AY 2015-2017   Quantella Anderson, Health & Human Services

Student Representative: AY 2015   Doug Halim
Co-Chairs: Michele Tapp and Jim McGill