Administrative Professional Job Evaluation Committee


Charge: To evaluate job content (not people in jobs on their performance) in order to help assure that jobs of relatively equal responsibility are considered consistently in pay matters.
Membership: The committee is comprised of members from the administrative and professional employment categories who have general knowledge of the University’s divisions and functions (three year terms).
Reports to: Vice President for Finance and Administration

Non-Rotating    Alissa Vandeven, Human Resources
AY 2015-2017  Brandi Brooks, Admissions
AY 2013-2015  Danny Woods, KRCU
AY 2015-2017  Brian Schnurbusch, Telecommunications
AY 2015-2017  Lynda Seabaugh, Accounting Services
AY 2015-2017  Bruce Skinner, Student Success & Auxiliary Services
AY 2014-2016  Dave Wilde, Information Technology

Chair Alissa Vandeven