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Administrative Council

Administrative Council Minutes


Charge: To advise the President and share information about the operations and activities of the various administrative divisions of the University.
Membership: The President, Provost, Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Success/Dean of Students, Vice President for Finance and Administration, Vice President for University Advancement and Executive Director of the University Foundation, Assistants to the President, Vice Provost, Associate Provosts, Deans, President of Student Government, Chairperson of the Faculty Senate, Moderator of the Chairpersons’ Forum, Chairperson of the Professional Staff Council, Chairperson of the CTS Staff Council, Associate Dean of Online Learning, Director of Holland School of Visual & Performing Arts, Associate Dean of Students, Assistant Vice President of Information Technology, Assistant Vice President for Student Success & Director of Residence Life, Director of Athletics, Director of Campus Life & Event Services, Director of Facilities Management, Director of Human Resources, Assistant Provost for Institutional Research and Academic Assessment, Executive Director of University Communications & Marketing, and Executive Director of International Education & Services
Reports to: President

Zahir Ahmed, Executive Director of International Education & Services
Mark Alnutt, Director of Athletics
Kang Bai, Assistant Provost for Institutional Research and Academic    
Trent Ball, Associate Dean of Students
Brady Barke, Senior Associate to the President
Frank Barrios, Dean, College of Liberal Arts, and School of University Studies
Debbie Below, VP for Enrollment Management & Student Success/Dean of Students
Wayne Bowen, Moderator of Chairperson's Forum
James Cook, Director, Human Resources
Kenneth Dobbins, President
Benny Dorris, Student Government President
Bill Eddleman, Vice Provost
Allen Gathman, Associate Dean of Online Learning
Lenell Hahn, Director of Admissions
Bill Holland, Vice President, University Advancement & Executive Director of the Foundation
Michele Irby, Director, Campus Life & Event Services
Morris Jenkins, Dean, College of Health & Human Services
Debra Lee-DiStefano, Faculty Senate Chair
Jason Lipe, Professional Staff Council Chair
Kathy Mangels, Vice President, Finance & Administration
Charles McAllister, Interim Dean, Harrison College of Business
Gerald McDougall, Interim Provost
Chris McGowan, Dean, College of Science, Technology, & Agriculture 
Angela Meyer, Director, Facilities Management
Diana Rogers-Adkinson, Dean of College of Education
Diane Sides, Assistant to the President
Bruce Skinner, Assistant Vice President for Student Success & Director of Residence Life
Archie Sprengel, Assistant Vice President for Information Technology
James Stapleton, Assistant to the President for Strategic and Entrepreneurial Initiatives
David Starrett, Dean of Academic Information Services
Leann Stinson, Chairperson, Clerical-Technical-Service (CTS) Council
Rhonda Weller-Stilson, Associate Dean & Director, Holland School of
   Visual & Performing Arts



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