Southeast Missouri State University

AQIP Steering Committee (ASC)


Charge: Reporting to the Provost, the ASC coordinates the University’s accreditation process under the AQIP guidelines of the Higher Learning Commission – NCA.  The ASC writes the Systems Portfolio and oversees the selection and review of Action Projects.  The ASC ensures that communication regarding all aspects of the AQIP process is clear, timely, and inclusive.  In addition to campus-wide communications, the ASC will regularly involve the following groups in its decision-making and reporting functions:  the University Planning Committee, Administrative Council, Faculty Senate, Chairpersons Forum, CTS Council, Professional Staff Council, Deans Council, College Councils, and Student Government.
Membership: AQIP Liaision (Chair), Provost, Associate to the Provost for Assessment and Data Analysis, Director of Institutional Research, Faculty Representatives (2 faculty at large, 2 faculty senators) to be nominated by the Faculty Senate (Per Faculty Handbook policy, "Faculty members who serve full terms on University Standing Committees cannot succeed themselves.), a Deans' representative to be nominated by the Deans Council, a Chairperson's representative to be nominated by the Chairpersons Forum, a Finance and Administration representative to be nominated by the Vice President, an Enrollment Management and Student Success representative to be nominated by the Vice President, a CTS representative to be nominated by Clerical Technical Service Staff Council, a Professional Staff representative to be nominated by the Professional Staff Council, and two student representatives - one to be the presiding president of the Student Government Association and one to be the student representative to the Board of Regents.  Representatives will be chosen by the President from a list of at least two recommendations for each representative position.  Term of services is three years, except students who will serve one-year terms. The President may appoint other members.
Reports to: Provost
Non-Rotating Members:

N/R  David Starrett, AQIP Liaison
N/R  William Eddleman, Provost
N/R  Christina Frazier, Department of Biology
N/R  Kang Bai, Assistant Provost for Institutional Research and Academic Assessment

Faculty Representatives:

AY 2012-2014  Debbie Lee-DiStefano, Faculty Senator
AY 2013-2015  David Powell, Faculty Senator
AY 2012-2014  Cheryl Alberternst, Faculty at Large
AY 2013-2015  Khaled Bawaneh, Faculty at Large

Other Members:

AY 2014-2016  David Starrett, Deans Council
AY 2012-2014  David Probst, Chairpersons Forum
AY 2013-2015  Theresa Messmer, Clerical Technical Service 
   Staff Council
AY 2014-2016  Krissy Loenneke, Professional Staff Council
AY 2013-2015  Alissa Vandeven, Finance & Administration
AY 2012-2014  Bruce Skinner, Enrollment Management & Student
AY 2014 Kevin Magnan, Student Representative to the Board of   Regents

Student Government: AY 2014  Benny Dorris, Presiding President
Chair: David Starrett