International Programs Planning Committee

Charge: To advise the President and share information about the operations and activities of the various academic and administrative divisions of the University. Chair of the Council is the President.
Reports to: President Chair: President


A faculty representative from the five colleges will be nominated by the Dean to serve three-year terms. (Per Faculty Handbook policy, "Faculty members who serve full terms on University Standing Committees cannot succeed themselves.") Non-rotating members include the Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management and the Executive Director of International Education & Services.  Other non-rotating members will be nominated from Student Financial Services by the Vice President of Finance and Administration; and Registrar’s office, Residence Life, Admissions,  and Campus Life nominated by the Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Success.  The college/school Directors of International Programs will serve as non-rotating members.  One international undergraduate student nominated by the President of Student Government and one international graduate student nominated by the Dean of Graduate Studies will serve one-year terms.  The Director of Intensive English Program and each of the three International Education Advisors will serve as ex-officio members.  The Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Success appoints all nominees.  The Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management will serve as chair. The Provost will appoint an Academic Affairs representative to serve as co-chair.


David Price, Intensive English Program, Director
Shvetha Gohn, Assistant Director, International Student Services (DSO/ARO)
Heather Meng, Assistant Director, International Admissions (DSO)
Suzanne McKinney, Assistant Director, International Programming (DSO)

Non-Rotating Members:

N/R  Debbie Below, Assoc. Vice President for Enrollment Mgmt and Director of Admissions
N/R  Zahir Ahmed, Executive Director, International Education & Services
N/R  Gerry McDougall, Associate Provost for Online & Extended Learning
N/R  Alisa McFerron, Office of Admissions
N/R  Michele Irby, Campus Life
N/R  Debbie Howey, Registrar’s Office
N/R  Kendra Skinner, Residence Life
N/R  Verona Lambert, Student Financial Services

Faculty College/School Directors of International Programs/Affairs:

N/R  Jean Benton, Education
N/R  Debra Lee-DiStefano, Liberal Arts
N/R  Peter Gordon, Business

Faculty Members

AY 2011-2013  Fred Adjei, Business
AY 2012-2014  Simin Cwick, Education
AY 2012-2014  Jayanti Ray, Health & Human Services
AY 2012-2014  Warren Anderson, Liberal Arts
AY 2013-2015  Jay Dahiya, Science, Technology, & Agriculture

Student Representatives

AY 2013  Emilee Hargis, Undergraduate Intl Student
AY 2012  Vacant, Graduate Intl Student

Academic Hall 144
Office of the President
One University Plaza, MS 3300
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701