University Equity and Inclusion Committee

Charge: To advise and provide thought leadership and guidance to the President and the university community on the overall strategies and initiatives related to diversity and inclusion.
Reports to: President Chairs: Sonia R. Rucker and Hamner Hill


Each of the following areas will submit to the President the names of two individuals nominated to serve on the standing committee. The final selection of the committee membership will be made by the President for the indicated term limits.

Faculty Representatives

AY 2017-2018 Shonta Smith
College of Education
AY 2017-2018 Adolfo Ramos
College of Health & Human Services
AY 2017-2018 Susan Kendrick
College of Liberal Arts
AY 2017-2018 Rachel Morgan-Theall
College of Science, Technology & Agriculture
AY 2017-2018 Gillian Nicholls
Donald L. Harrison College of Business
AY 2017-2018 Karl Suhr
Kent Library

Student Representatives

AY 2017 Dhanurja De Silva
Student Government
AY 2017 Wesley Cox
Dean of the Students
AY 2017 Justin Thurman
Dean of Students

CTS Staff Council Representative

AY 2017-2018 Autumn Gentry  

Professional Staff Council Representative

AY 2017-2018 Eric Redinger  

Other Representatives

AY 2017-2018 Morris Jenkins
Dean's Council or Chairperson's Forum
AY 2017-2018 Mark Wissmann
Operators Union Bargaining Unit
AY 2017-2018 Joe Hager
Teamsters Union Bargaining Unit
AY 2017-2018 Valdis Zalite
Enrollment Management and Student Success
AY 2017-2018 Violinda Williams
Finance & Administration
AY 2017-2018 Jay Wolz
University Advancement
AY 2017-2018 Nick Theile
Regional Campuses

Non-Rotating Members Appointment by President

Cindy Gannon
Senior Women's Associate/Athletics
Bruce Skinner
Student Success & Auxiliary Services
Alissa Vandeven
Human Resources
Cpt. Kenny Mayberry
Public Safety

Academic Hall 144
Office of the President
One University Plaza, MS 3300
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701