Employee Recognition Awards Recommendation Committee

Charge: To recommend awards for staff employees who demonstrate a commitment to the University's mission and vision and to review the criteria for current and future awards.
Membership: A representative from Clerical-Technical-Service Staff; Professional Staff, Chairpersons; Residence Life; Campus Life; and Faculty Senate. (Per Faculty Handbook policy, "Faculty members who serve full terms on University Standing Committees cannot succeed themselves.) Two representatives from Facilities Management. (three-year terms)
Reports to: Director of Human Resources
Non-Rotating Members: N/R Melissia Coffee, Co-Chair
N/R Sonia Rucker, Co-Chair
Other members:

AY 2015-2017 Gretchen Grojean – Campus Life
AY 2015-2017 Angela Meyer – Professional Staff
AY 2015-2017 Kendra Skinner – Residence Life
AY 2015-2017 Meredith Coffman – CTS Staff
AY 2015-2017 Haohao Wang – Faculty Senate Representative
AY 2016-2018 Sheri Cunningham – Facilities Management
AY2016-2018 Joe Hager – Facilities Management
AY 2016-2018 Gloria Green – Chairperson Vice Moderator
AY 2016 Austin Cordell – Student Representative for the Board of Regents

Chair: Melissia Coffee


Academic Hall 144
Office of the President
One University Plaza, MS 3300
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701