Southeast Missouri State University

Research Involving Human Subjects Committee


Charge: To maintain familiarity with federal guidelines concerning the use of human subjects in research; to review and recommend appropriate changes in institutional policies and procedures concerning the use of human subjects in research; to review and make recommendations concerning proposed use of human subjects in research at the institution.  Recommendations are to be made to the Provost.

Faculty members to be appointed by the Provost, as described in the Operational Policy for Research Involving Human Subjects ( (Per Faculty Handbook policy, "Faculty members who serve full terms on University Standing Committees cannot succeed themselves.")

Reports to: Provost
Non-Rotating Members: N/R  Bill Eddleman, Dean of the School of Graduate Studies
N/R  Christina Frazier, Administrative Liaison
N/R  Legal Rep., Ad Hoc Basis, for Category 2 Research
N/R  Diane Samuel, Director, Research and Grants Development
Faculty Members: AY 2012-2014  Jason Wagganer, Health and Human Services
AY 2012-2014  Adam Jacoby, Science, Technology, & Agriculture
AY 2013-2015  Michael Devaney, Business
AY 2013-2015  Amy Freshwater, Education
AY 2013-2015  Debra Holzhauer, Liberal Arts (to complete term) 
Community Representatives:

AY 2012-2014  Vacant, Community Representative
AY 2013-2015  Vacant, Community Representative
AY 2014-2016  Vacant, Community Representative

Other Members: AY 2012-2014  Frank Barrios, Council of Deans
AY 2012-2014  Elaine Jackson, Graduate Faculty
AY 2014-2016  Jennifer Bengston, Faculty Senate
AY 2014-2016  Randy Carter, Enrollment Management & Student Success
Chair: Christina Frazier