Southeast Missouri State University

Information Technology Committee


Charge: To do long-range planning relating to computer, cable, and telephone systems throughout the institution and to make recommendations regarding the future development and integration of these systems University-wide.
Membership: A faculty representative from each college, School of University Studies, and Kent Library will be nominated by the deans. (Per Faculty Handbook policy, "Faculty members who serve full terms on University Standing Committees cannot succeed themselves.) Other members include one representative each from Finance and Administration, Enrollment Management and Student Success, University Advancement/Foundation to be nominated by the respective Vice Presidents; one representative nominated by the Dean of Students; one representative from the Office of Instructional Technology nominated by the Associate Dean of Online Learning; one representative each from the Professional Staff Council and the CTS Staff Council to be nominated by the respective councils; and two student representatives to be nominated by the President of Student Government.  Faculty and staff serve three-year terms.  Students serve one-year terms.  Non-rotating members include the Vice Provost, the Assistant Vice President of Information Technology, the Director of Kent Library and Dean of Academic Information Services, Associate Dean of Online Learning, the Manager of Web Design and Support, Director of Networking & Telecommunications, Chairperson of the Department of Computer Science, a representative of Facilities Management and Assistant Provost for Institutional Research and Academic Assessment.  All nominees are appointed by the Provost and Vice President of Finance and Administration.
Reports to: Provost and Vice President of Finance and Administration
Non-Rotating Members: N/R  Bill Eddleman, Vice Provost
N/R  Archie Sprengel, Assistant VP of Information Technology 
N/R  Allen Gathman, Associate Dean, Online Learning
N/R  Rodger Chisman, Director, Networking & Telecommunications
N/R  David Probst, Chairperson, Department of Computer Science
N/R  Jessica Livingston, Facilities Management
N/R  Kang Bai, Asst. Provost for Institutional Research and Academic Assessment
N/R  Brian Holdman, Manager of Web Design & Support, University Relations
N/R  David Starrett, Director of Kent Library and Dean of Academic Information Services
Faculty Members: AY 2012-2014  Louise Bodenheimer, Liberal Arts
AY 2012-2014  David Naugler, Science, Technology & Agriculture
AY 2012-2014  Sandipan Sen, Business
AY 2013-2015  Bill Bratberg, Education
AY 2013-2015  Theresa Haug-Belvin, University Studies
AY 2014-2016  Sara Starbuck, Health and Human Services
AY 2014-2016  Pat Willingham, Kent Library
Other members:

AY 2012-2014  David Wilde, Professional Staff Council
AY 2012-2014  _________________, University Advancement/Foundation
AY 2014-2016  Floyd Lockhart, Office of Instructional Technology
AY 2014-2016  Tara Lutes, Finance and Administration
AY 2014-2016  Alix Gasser, Enrollment Mgmt. & Student Success
AY 2014-2016  Leann Stinson, CTS Staff Council
AY 2014-2016  Bruce Skinner, Dean of Students 

Student Representatives: AY 2014  Cole Criddle
AY 2014  Zeak Jackson-Morgan
Co-Chairs: Bill Eddleman and Archie Sprengel