University Tenure and Promotion and Sabbatical Leave Advisory Committee


Charge: To review and approve departmental promotion criteria; make recommendations regarding a faculty member’s qualifications for tenure and promotion, promotion, and post-professorial merit to the provost; and make recommendations for sabbatical leave in accordance with the sabbatical leave policies and procedures.
Membership: The committee is comprised of one tenured faculty member from each college and Kent Library elected to the committee by a vote of the tenured and tenure-track faculty in each unit. Though elected from these units, members are not representatives of their respective units, but rather of the faculty as a whole. Members shall be elected by secret ballot through a process conducted within each unit. Faculty members serve terms of four years with the terms of one or two members expiring each year. Members may be re-elected. The committee shall annually elect its own chair. The dean of graduate studies shall be responsible for convening the initial annual meeting at which the chair is elected. The dean is not a voting member of this committee and may only be present during committee deliberations if invited by the committee for consultation.
Reports to: Provost
Faculty Members: AY 2013-2016 Benjamin Dow, Business (Elected by College)
AY 2013-2016 Paul Watkins, Education Elected by College (Elected by College)
AY 2015-2018 Brenda Johnson, Health & Human Services (Elected by College)
AY 2015-2018 Cheryl McAllister, Science, Technology, & Agriculture (Elected by College)
AY 2015-2018 Pat Willingham, Kent Library (Elected by Unit)
AY 2016-2019 Debrah Raschke, Liberal Arts (Elected by College)
Chairperson: Cheryl McAllister

Academic Hall 144
Office of the President
One University Plaza, MS 3300
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701