Textbook Appeals Committee


Charge: To act as an appeals body for students who failed to return their textbook(s) at the end of the semester and determine whether to sustain or rescind the charges.
Membership: Three Faculty members to be nominated by the Faculty Senate Membership Committee (Two Year Terms).  Three Student members are nominated by the President of Student Government (One Year Terms).  One staff member to be appointed by the Vice President for Finance and Administration (Two Year Term).
Reports to: Vice President for Finance and Administration
Faculty Members: AY 2014-2015  Maureen Timlin, College of Health & Human Services
AY 2014-2015  Julie Sappington, College of Health & Human Services
AY 2014-2015  Cathy Roeder, Kent Library
Student Representatives: AY 2014  Tyler Sayer
AY 2014  Craig Robinson
AY 2014  Su Yi
Staff Members: AY 2014-2015 Tara Lutes - Accounting
Chair: Laurie Taylor



Academic Hall 144
Office of the President
One University Plaza, MS 3300
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701