University Assessment Review Committee


Charge: To oversee, coordinate, and review implementation and administration of the University’s assessment plan.
Membership: A faculty representative from each college will be nominated by the respective college for three-year terms. (Per Faculty Handbook policy, “Faculty members who serve full terms on University Standing Committees cannot succeed themselves.) The Deans of the School of Graduate Studies and the School of University Studies, and the Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Success will each nominate a representative from their respective areas for three-year terms. Two student representatives will be nominated by the President of Student Government for one-year terms. Non-rotating members are the Vice Provost, the Director of the Center for Academic and Career Advising, Director of Testing Services, the Assistant Provost for Institutional Research and Academic Assessment, the Director of Assessment, the Coordinator of Center for Writing Excellence, and the AQIP Liaison. All members and the co-chairs of the committee will be appointed by the Provost.
Reports to: Provost
Non-Rotating Members: N/R Chuck McAllister, Vice Provost / AQIP Liaison
N/R Sally Carter, Director of Testing Services
N/R Kang Bai, Asst. Provost for Institutional Research and Academic Assessment
N/R Daryl Fridley, Director of Assessment
N/R Jennifer Weiss, Coordinator of Center for Writing Excellence
Faculty Members: AY 2014-2016 Suhair Amer, Science, Technology, & Agriculture (to complete term)
AY 2014-2016 Eric Sentell, Liberal Arts
AY 2014-2016 Debbie Beard, Business
AY 2015-2017 Beverly Evans, Health and Human Services
AY 2016-2018 Melissa Odegard-Koester, Education
Other Members: AY 2014-2016 Randy Carter, Enrollment Management & Student Success representative
AY 2016-2018 Michele Tanz, Graduate Studies representative
AY 2016-2018 John Cherry, University Studies representative
Student Representatives: AY 2016 Rishika Swarnkar
AY 2016 Nathan Grobe
Co-Chairs: Assistant Provost for Institutional Research and Academic Assessment (Kang Bai)
& Director of Assessment (Daryl Fridley)

Academic Hall 144
Office of the President
One University Plaza, MS 3300
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701