University Athletic Committee


Charge: To recommend policies governing University programs in athletics; to review guidelines established by external organizations as well as state and federal agencies insofar as they affect University Programs in athletics.
Membership: Two faculty members, rotated between the colleges and Kent Library, to be nominated by the Faculty Senate Membership Committee, will serve two-year appointments. Two student members, nominated by the President of Student Government and appointed by the President, and the President of the Student Athletic Advisory Council. One representative each from the Professional Staff Council and the CTS Staff Council to be nominated by the Councils and appointed by the President. Students and employee council members serve one-year terms. Ex-officio members include the Coordinator of Institutional Equity and Diversity; the Director of Recreation Services, the Athletic Director, Senior Associate Athletic Director, and the Director of Sports Information. The committee is chaired by the Faculty Athletics Representative. The President may appoint other members.
Reports to: President
Faculty Members:

AY 2016 Bob Willingham, Kent Library (finishing term of Musa Olaka)
AY 2016-2017 Kyle Schneider, College of Health & Human Services

Student Representatives: AY 2016 Megan Parks, SAAC President
AY 2016 Cameron Jeffrey
AY 2016 Mahala Landeros
Professional Staff Council: AY 2016 George Gasser
CTS Staff Council: AY 2016 Sherri Jenkins
Other members appointed by the President: N/R Brady Barke, Interim Athletic Director
N/R Cindy Gannon, Associate AD/SWA
N/R Jeff Honza, Sports Information Director
N/R Beth Easter, Faculty Athletics Representative
N/R Sonia Rucker, Equity & Diversity Issues
N/R Mike Buck, Recreational Sports Director
N/R Bruce Skinner, Residence Life
Chair: Beth Easter


Academic Hall 144
Office of the President
One University Plaza, MS 3300
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701