University Athletic Committee


Charge: To recommend policies governing University programs in athletics; to review guidelines established by external organizations as well as state and federal agencies insofar as they affect University Programs in athletics.
Membership: Two faculty members, rotated between the colleges and Kent Library, to be nominated by the Faculty Senate Membership Committee, will serve 2-year appointments. Two student members, nominated by the President of Student Government and appointed by the President, and the President of the Student Athletic Advisory Council. One representative each from the Professional Staff Council and the CTS Staff Council to be nominated by the Councils and appointed by the President. Students and employee council members serve one-year terms. The President may appoint other members.
Reports to: President
Faculty Members:

AY 2015-2016  Musa Olaka, Kent Library
AY 2014-2015  Adam Criblez, College of Liberal Arts

Student Representatives: AY 2015  Andrea Baylin, SAAC President
AY 2015  Lexi Hightaian
AY 2015  Deauna Prater
Professional Staff Council: AY 2015  George Gasser
CTS Staff Council: AY 2015  Leann Stinson
Other members appointed by the President: N/R  Mark Alnutt, Athletic Director
N/R  Cindy Gannon, Associate AD/SWA
N/R  Jeff Honza, Sports Information Director
N/R  Beth Easter, Faculty Athletics Representative
N/R  (Vacant), Assistant to the President for Equity & Diversity Issues
N/R  Mike Buck, Director of Recreational Sports
N/R  Bruce Skinner, Director of Residence Life
Chair: Beth Easter