Southeast Missouri State University

University Budget Review Committee


Charge To annually conduct budget hearings, receive divisional and institutional budget development requests, and recommend funding for budget proposals, plans, and priorities.
Membership Faculty Senate Executive Committee Chair, Chair-Elect, and Membership Committee Chair; Faculty Senate Compensation Committee (six individuals, one representative from each college) Vice President for Finance & Administration; Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Success; Provost; Director of Budget; one administrator from each division; one representative from the Council of Deans; Chairpersons’ Forum Moderator; Professional Staff Council Chair and Chair-Elect; CTS Employee Council Chair and Vice-Chair; and Student Government President, Vice-President, and Treasurer.  The Vice President for Finance and Administration is the chairperson for this committee.
Reportsto Vice President for Finance and Administration 
Faculty Senate Executive Committee: AY 2014  Debbie Lee-Distefano, Chair
AY 2014  Diane Wood, Chair-Elect
AY 2014  Willie Redmond, Membership Committee Chair
Faculty Senate Compensation Committee: AY 2014  Kevin Dickson, Business
AY 2014  Janice Ward, Education
AY 2014  Joyce Renaud, Health and Human Services
AY 2014  Pat Willingham, Kent Library
AY 2014  Don Jung, Liberal Arts
AY 2014  Marcus Bond, Science, Technology & Agriculture
Provost: Bill Eddleman
Vice President for Finance & Administration: Kathy Mangels
Vice President for  Enrollment Management & Student Success: Debbie Below
Director of Budget:  Sue Wilde
Administrator from Each Division: AY 2014  Brady Barke, Associate to the President
AY 2014  Jim Cook, Finance & Administration
AY 2014  Lenell Hahn, Enrollment Management & Student Success
AY 2014  Chuck McAllister, Academic Affairs
AY 2014  Bill Holland, University Advancement
Council of Deans Representative: AY 2014  David Starrett, Academic Information Services & Director of Kent Library
Chairpersons’ Forum Moderator: AY 2014  Wayne Bowen, History
Professional Staff Council: AY 2014  Jason Lipe, Recreation Services
AY 2014  Alisa McFerron, Admissions
CTS Staff Council: AY 2014  Leann Stinson, Human Resources
AY 2014  Rhonda Clark, Department of Accounting
Student Representatives: AY 2014  Benny Dorris, Student Government President
AY 2014  Greg Felock, Student Government Vice President
AY 2014  Nick Maddock, Student Government Treasurer
Chair: Kathy Mangels