Southeast Missouri State University

University Equity Issues Committee


To assist in the implementation, monitoring, and review of equity policies and procedures.


Faculty members, one from each college, and Kent Library, to be nominated by the Faculty Senate Membership Committee, will serve 3-year appointments. (Per Faculty Handbook policy, "Faculty members who serve full terms on University Standing Committees cannot succeed themselves.) One student member is nominated by the President of Student Government and appointed by the President for a one-year term. Representatives from the Professional Staff Council and CTS Staff Council are nominated by the Councils and appointed by the President for one-year terms. Other members are appointed by the President and are non-rotating members.

Reports to


Faculty Members

AY 2013-2016  Kathy Ham, Health & Human Services
AY 2012-2015  Lisa Speer, Kent Library
AY 2012-2015  Scott Brandhorst, Liberal Arts
AY 2012-2014  Julie Ray, Education
AY 2012-2014  Jian Peng, Science, Technology & Agriculture
AY 2012-2014  Mary Johnson, Business

Student Representative

AY 2014  Hayley Bohnert

Professional Staff Council Representative

AY 2014  Dana Seabaugh

CTS Staff Council Representative

AY 2014  Jaime Mayfield

Other Members to be Appointed by the President

N/R   Jim Cook, Director, Human Resources
N/R   Debbie Below, Dean of Students
N/R   (Vacant), Assistant to the President for Equity & Diversity Issues


Susan Swartwout