University Studies Council


Charge:   All policy matters affecting the University Studies program and all proposals for new courses or changes in the treatment of the University Studies Objectives in existing courses.  The Council also advises the Dean of the School of University Studies concerning matters affecting the quality and development of the program, resource allocations, and review and assessment procedures.  The Dean of the School of University Studies chairs the Council.
Membership:   Composed of two faculty representatives elected by each college council. (Per Faculty Handbook policy, "Faculty members who serve full terms on University Standing Committees cannot succeed themselves.) One representative elected by each of the following:  the Library faculty, Enrollment Management, and two representatives elected by Student Government.  Faculty serve three-year terms and the Enrollment Management and student representatives serve one-year terms.  Non-rotating members are the Dean of the School of University Studies and the Registrar.
Reports to:  Dean of the School of University Studies
Non-rotating Members: 

N/R Frank Barrios, Dean, School of University Studies
N/R Sandy Hinkle, Registrar
N/R Wayne Bowen, Director of University Studies


AY 2016-2019  Claudia Ruediger, Kent Library
AY 2013-2018  John Cherry, Business
AY 2014-2017 Rachel Morgan Theall, Science, Technology & Agriculture
AY 2014-2017 Lori Mueller, Business
AY 2016-2019 Jason Wagganer, College of Health and Human Services
AY 2015-2018 Pamela Mills, College of Science, Technology & Agriculture
AY 2015-2018 Albert Hayward, College of Liberal Arts
AY 2015-2018 Susan Davis, College of Education
AY 2016-2018 Toni Alexander, College of Liberal Arts
AY 2016-2018 Kathie Miller, College of Health & Human Services
AY 2016-2018 Robin Smith, College of Education

Enrollment Management & Student Success: AY 2015-2017 Trent Ball
Chair:   Wayne Bowen, Director of University Studies



Academic Hall 144
Office of the President
One University Plaza, MS 3300
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701