November 7, 2000

APPROVED:  12-5-00

Present: Jane Stephens, Gerald McDougall, Bert Kellerman, Shirley Stennis-Williams, Ann Gifford, Michael Parker, Milo Miller, Martin Jones, Carol Scates, Anthony Duben (for Chris McGowan), David Naugler, Phil Parette, Sarah Cron, Edmund Buis, Irene Ferguson, Randy Shaw, and Sandy Hinkle. 

Guests:  Laura Bennett, Sue Shepard

  1. Minutes of September 5, 2000.  Approved.

  3. Action Items

    1. Department Name Change:  Department of Sociology and Anthropology renamed Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Geography:  Dean Jones explained the proposed department name change; Department of Sociology and Anthropology renamed Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Geography. Jones moved and Shaw seconded approval of the name change.  The motion was approved unanimously.

    3. Off-Campus Delivery of M.A. and Specialist Degrees in School Administration and Specialist Programs:  Sue Shepard distributed and explained draft proposals for the Off-Campus Delivery of M.A. and Specialist Degrees in School Administration.  Shepard stated that these courses are currently being offered but cannot be marketed as programs without CBHE approval.  Shaw moved and McDougall seconded that it was approved with the stipulation that Shepard will provide final document with budget information for information on December 5th before presenting to Board of Regents on December 8th.  The motion was approved unanimously.

    5. Procedures for Submission of Grants:  Dean Parette and Laura Bennett distributed a handout, Office of Sponsored programs and Research, Sequence of Events for Proposal Submission, and discussed guidelines for submission of a proposal through Sponsored Programs and Research.  Bennett will reformulate a brief policy statement with a clarification of procedures and bring it back to the Council for approval before forwarding the proposal to Administrative Council for approval as “university policy”. 

  5. Discussion Items

    1. Second BS/BA Degree Acquired after Graduation:  Sandy Hinkle explained that students could stay under the current catalog until an undergraduate degree is achieved; however, current curriculum requirements must be met when a second BS/BA degree is acquired after graduation.  It will be the discretion of the individual college councils, which catalog students will fall under, who perform continuous course work without a 2-semester break. 

    3. Restructuring:  Prior to the December Academic Council meeting, Jones will send out to all members a draft of the strategic plan for the river campus and restructuring proposal for the School of Visual and Performing Arts for their review.  Jones is prepared to present the concept of the new school.


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