Due to snow in the region, Southeast Missouri State University’s programs at Three Rivers College in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, will be closed on Thursday, Jan. 18.

College of Science, Technology, and Agriculture


  • BS Agribusiness: Agricullture Industry
  • BS Agribusiness: Animal Science
  • BS Agribusiness: Horticulture
  • BS Agribusiness: Plant & Soil Science
  • BSED Agricultural Education


  • BS Biology: Bio-medical Science
  • BS Biology: Marine Biology
  • BS Biology: Microbiology, Cellular, Molecular, Biotechnology
  • BS Biology: Organismal, Ecological, Evolutionary
  • BS Biology: Pre-Physician Assistant
  • BS Biology: Wildlife & Conservation
  • BS Geographic Information Science
  • BS Public Health: Biology

  • BS Public Health: Health Policy and Management
  • BS Public Health: Information
  • BS Public Health: Nutrition
  • BS Public Health: Social/Behavioral
  • BSED Secondary Education: Biology
  • BSED Secondary Education  Biology (Unified Science)
  • MNS Natural Science: Biology


  • BA Chemistry: Business
  • BA Chemistry: Chemistry
  • BA Chemistry: Forensic Science
  • BS Chemistry: ACS Certified Biochemistry
  • BS Chemistry: ACS Certified Chemistry
  • BS Chemistry: ACS Certified DNA Analysis
  • BS Chemistry: ACS Certified Forensic Chemistry
  • BS Medical Laboratory Science
  • BSED Secondary Education: Chemistry
  • MNS Natural Science: Chemistry

Computer Science

  • BS Computer Information Systems
  • BS Computer Science
  • BS Cybersecurity

Environmental Science

  • BS Emergency Preparedness
  • BS Environmental Science: Biology
  • BS Environmental Science: Business
  • BS Environmental Science: Chemistry
  • BS Environmental Science: Environmental Health
  • BS Environmental Science: Geoprocessing & Soils
  • BS Environmental Science: Policy & Communication
  • MS Environmental Science


  • BS Mathematics:  Actuarial Science
  • BS Mathematics:  Applied Mathematics/Statistics
  • BS Mathematics:  Pure Mathematics
  • BSED Mathematics Education
  • MNS Natural Science:  Mathematics

Physics and Engineering Physics

  • BS Engineering Physics: Computer Applications
  • BS Engineering Physics: Electrical Applications
  • BS Engineering Physics: Mechanical Applications
  • BS Physics
  • BSED Secondary Education: Physics
  • BSED Secondary Education Physics:  (Unified Science)

Polytechnic Studies

  • AAS Computer Technology: Automated Manufacturing
  • AAS Computer Technology: Microcomputer Systems
  • AAS Computer Technology: Technical Computer Graphics
  • BS Commercial Multimedia: Commercial Photography
  • BS Commercial Multimedia: Computer and Multimedia Graphics
  • BS Cyber-security
  • BS Engineering Technology: Electrical & Control
  • BS Engineering Technology: Mechanical & Manufacturing Systems
  • BS Industrial Distribution
  • BS Technology Management: Construction Management & Design
  • BS Technology Management: Facilities Management & Sustainability
  • BS Technology Management: Industrial & Safety Management
  • BS Technology Management: Sustainable Energy Systems Management
  • BS Technology Management: Technology Management
  • BS Technology Management: Telecommunications & Computer Networking
  • BS Unmanned Aircraft Systems
  • BSED Technology and Engineering Education
  • Certificate: Healthcare Facilities Operations
  • MS Technology Management: 3D Animation and Gaming
  • MS Technology Management: Customized
  • MS Technology Management: Cybersecurity
  • MS Technology Management: Facilities Management
  • MS Technology Management: Industrial Education/Training & Development
  • MS Technology Management: Manufacturing Systems
  • MS Technology Management: Telecommunications Systems
  • MS Technology Management: Workplace Environment & Health Safety
  • Graduate Certificate: Facilities Management

Science Education

  • MNS Natural Science: STEM Education


Academic Hall 130
Office of the Provost
One University Plaza, MS 3400
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701