To introduce the student to the principle areas of application of psychological research and theory.


  • To give students the opportunity to apply psychological data and theory to a wide variety of personal, social, and work-related problems.
  • To make students familiar with the relevant empirical and theoretical literatures as well as the process by which practical applications are derived.
  • To give students opportunities to read, discuss and write about selected examples of application as well as the more general theoretical, methodological, and ethical issues involved.

Competencies, Knowledge or Skills to be Achieved

Students will learn about historical and current trends in psychology in various areas of applied psychological research. They will also learn about the special theoretical and methodological issues faced in the application of nomothetic data and theory to specific problems and populations. Students will become familiar with the wide variety of traditional and emerging professional roles that exist in the applied specialties of psychology. They will become aware of and begin to understand careers in the health care, mental health, business, and design professions that are based on work in psychology. Students majoring in business, engineering, or design fields or contemplating careers in health-related fields, law, or business should gain a new and valuable perspective on their major fields.

Courses and Curriculum

Required Courses

  • PY102 - Introduction to Psychlogy (3)
  • PY250 - Applied Psychology (3)
  • PY358 - Social Psychology (3)

Choose Nine Hours From the Following Courses

  • PY251 - Inductrial/Organizational Psychology (3)
  • PY359 - Psychology andthe Law (3)
  • PY531 - Psychological Testing (3)
  • UI354 - Lifestyle Enhancement (3)

Note: All 300+ level PY courses require completion of 45 hours.


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