To provide students with a background in the theories, methods, and empirical basis of psychological development.


  • To provide students with a basic knowledge and understanding of the principles, theories, and data relating to the field of developmental psychology.
  • To facilitate the students' application of basic knowledge of the developmental process to their chosen career fields.

Competencies, Knowledge or Skills to be Achieved

Students will gain knowledge of classic and recent developments in the field, as well as learn about the various contexts (e.g., social, physical, etc.) which affect development. Students will learn to critically evaluate information about the development process. Such evaluation will be accompanied by opportunities to apply information (facts), theories, and principles to the student's own field or career of interest.

Courses and Curriculum

Required Courses

  • PY102 - Introduction to Psychology (3)
  • PY120 - The Child: Development from Conception to Adolescence (3)
    PY222 - Developmentof the Adolescent (3)
  • PY220 - Psychological DevelopmentAcross the Life Span (3)

Choose 6 Hours from the Following Courses

  • PY325 - Psychological Development of the Family (3)
  • PY329/529 - Psychology of Death and Dying (3)
  • PY444 -Childhood Psychopathology (3)
    (Prerequisite: PY 120/CF 120 or PY 220)
  • PY525 - Maturity and Aging (3)

Note: All 300+ level PY courses require completion of 45 hours.


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