To provide students with a broad background in the scientific study of human behavior.


  • To provide students with a basic knowledge and understanding of the theories, experimental research findings, and investigative techniques across the sub fields of psychology.
  • To provide students with a greater understanding of themselves as behaving organisms.
  • To provide students with a basic awareness of psychological factors that influence events which occur in their personal lives and in the world around them.

Competencies, Knowledge, or Skills to be Achieved

Students will acquire knowledge of fundamental theory and research in various fields of psychology. Students will also develop their ability to think critically and make informed judgments about theories and claims regarding human behavior. In addition, students will develop their awareness of psychological processes which influence human behavior, their ability to make informed value decisions, and their ability to function competently in their chosen careers.

Courses and Curriculum

Required Course

  • PY102 -Introduction toPsychology (3)

Select one course from each area.

  • Area I: Basic Processes
    • PY362 - Learning andMemory (3)
    • PY366 - Introduction to Sensation and Perception (3)
    • PY466 - Introduction to Physiological Psychology (3)
  • Area II: Cognition
    • PY353 - Social Cognition (3)
    • PY460 - Cognitive Processes (3)
      (Prerequisite: one psychology course)
  • Area III: Developmental
    • PY120 - The Child:Development from Conception to Adolescence(3)
    • PY220 - Psychological Development Across the Lifespan (3)
    • PY222 - Development of the Adolscent (3)
    • PY325 - Psychological Development of the Family (3)
    • PY525 - Maturity and Aging (3)
  • Area IV: Clinical / Personality
    • PY432 - Introduction to Personality (3)
    • PY440 - Abnormal Psychology (3)
    • PY441 - Introduction to Clinical Psychology (3)
  • Area V: Applied Psychology
    • PY250 - Applied Psychology (3)
    • PY251 - Industrial/Organizational Psychology (3)
    • PY358 - Social psychology (3)

Note: All 300+ level PY courses require completion of 45 hours.


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