To provide students with psychological knowledge and skills that will help them function more effectively in human services careers.


  • To provide students with knowledge and understanding of basic personality and clinical psychological principles.
  • To provide students with knowledge and understanding of psychological techniques and approaches that may be used in human services fields.

Competencies, Knowledge or Skills to be Achieved

Students will learn basic psychological principles in the areas of personality and clinical psychology. They will learn to critically evaluate current research in these fields. This knowledge will enable them to keep abreast of new information, skills, and techniques that will allow them to provide better services to clients in applied settings.

Courses and Curriculum

Required Courses:

  • PY102 - Introduction to Psychology (3)
  • PY432 - Introduction to Personality (3)
  • PY440 - Abnormal Psychology (3)

Choose Nine Hours from the Following Courses:

  • PY358 - Social Psychology (3)
  • PY359 - Psychology and the Law (3)
  • PY441 - Introduction to ClinicalPsychology (3)
  • PY442 - Introduction to Psychotherapy (3)
  • PY444 -Childhood Psychopathology (3)
    (Prerequisite: PY 120/CF 120 or PY 220)
  • PY531 - Psychological Testing (3)

Note: All 300+ level PY courses require completion of 45 hours.


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