Southeast Missouri State University

The Department of Psychology requires that students in certain psychology classes participate in ongoing research conducted by advanced psychology students and by faculty members. The experience is meant to provide students with a better understanding of psychological research. Students in PY 101 and PY 102 are required to: (a) participate in 1 research study during the semester; or (b) submit 1 report on an article from a professional journal. This requirement constitutes 5% of your total grade for the course.

Research studies take place during the 4th through 12th weeks of the semester.  You can sign up for research studies online by creating an account:  go to and select “Request an account here.”  You will fill in your name, SEMO email address (which will be your user ID), student ID number, and select the PY101/102 course you’re enrolled in.  Once you sign up, you’ll be emailed your username and password; be sure to keep this email!  You will be able to choose which study to sign for and view a description of the study. You will also be able to cancel sign-ups up to one hour prior to the start of the study and keep track of your participation record.  If you forget the day, time or location of the study you signed up for, you can login to your account to view that information.  Upon completion of the study, the researcher will grant you credit, which will show up on your account. 

You can access the Student Manual if you need detailed instructions for creating an account, signing up for studies, cancelling a study sign-up or checking credit status.

Students who fail to arrive at the assigned time and location to participate in a study for which they signed up and did not cancel PRIOR to the study will be considered a "no-show."  They will be required to make up the missed section (in the same or a different study), and will also be required to complete an additional study.  However, keep in mind that you may participate in any given study ONLY ONCE.  A student who has two or more no-shows will no longer be eligible to participate in the research studies and will not receive the participation credit. 

  • If you have zero “no-shows” your requirement is 1 study
  • If you have one “no-show” your requirement is 2 studies

If you have two “no-shows” you will receive no credit and are no longer eligible to participate even if you have previously participated in a study.

If you choose not to participate in a research study, you will be required to submit a typed one-page paper for the research participation requirement.  The paper must be based on the content of an article in a professional psychology journal (not a newsstand magazine). The topic of the paper must be approved by your instructor and must be submitted to your instructor by the last day of the twelfth week of the semester. (No exceptions)

All research participation and/or paper requirements must be completed by the twelfth week of the semester.

Students who fail to fulfill the requirements will receive zero credit from their instructors for that class activity (5% of the total class grade).