student organizations

Psi Chi

Sponsored by the Department of Psychology, this organization provides opportunities for students to become involved in the discipline and profession of psychology.  The Southeast Missouri State University chapter of Psi Chi has received the Ruth Hubbard Cousins Award from the Psi Chi National Organization and the American Psychological Assocation for best chapter in the nation. 

Psychology Club

The psychology club of Southeast Missouri State University was created to be an open organization for psychology majors, minors, and even those just thinking about it to come together to make connections with fellow peers as well as discuss a variety of topics including graduate school, careers, internships, courses, and more to prepare students for their future in the field of psychology.  We also provide opportunities to get involved on campus through officer positions and volunteer work. Psychology Club encourages students to use the four years of their undergraduate career to their advantage and gives useful information to help students reach their full potential as scholars interested in psychology.


Scully 404
Department of Psychology
One University Plaza, MS 5700
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701