The Tomorrow’s Teacher’s Education Learning Community is open to all freshmen early childhood, elementary, and exceptional education majors. This community is to engage education students to link general studies and their major immediately. Students will learn about their future profession through course work and interactions with education faculty and advisors. This program integrates first-year students into their education major to create an environment which ties students to the College of Education and their peers.

The Education Learning Community is limited to 30 students and is open to new incoming early childhood and elementary education students. If space is available transfer education students may live on the same floor to participate in the activities, but typically do not need the courses within the first year community.

Students participating in this community will take selected classes together including UI 100 and other introduction to education courses. There will also be informal opportunities to interact with faculty and staff through programs and events in the residence hall. Faculty may also hold special study sessions for the entrance exam for teacher education in the hall and other topics for success in the education curriculum at Southeast. Through these activities students will become better prepared to meet the entrance requirements for the College of Education.

The cost of the Learning Community Program is based on the cost of housing of the specific hall that houses the Learning Community; however, students are expected to sign and agree to a set of expectations for living in a Learning Community, once accepted into the community.

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The Office of Residence Life is proud to partner with the College of Education to offer the Tomorrow’s Teacher Learning Community as a housing option. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Residence Life at (573) 651-2274 or