Southeast Missouri State University

Housing contract information for Fall 2014 is not currently active. You can learn more about completing a Contract for University housing here.

The information below is for Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 residence hall students only.

The office of Residence Life is excited to offer a select group of new students the chance to use our online room selection process. Students who submitted a housing contract and deposit payment between September and March 1 are eligible to self-assign. Invitations to participate were mailed out May 3, 2013. All other students will either be placed in a room by an early contract student or the Office of Residence Life. Assignment confirmation letters will be mailed late June. 

Early contract students were divided into three tiers. Tier 1 is students with contracts submitted between September and November. Students who submitted a housing contract in December are grouped in Tier II;  and students who submitted a housing contract between January and March 1 are in Tier III.

The housing portal opens for each tier as follows:

Tier I entry date is May 13 starting at 6 am and closes June 7

Tier II entry date is May 15 starting at 6 am and closes June 7

Tier III entry date is May 17 starting at 6 am and closes June 7

Instructions for self assign (only students eligiable can log into the system to complete the process listed below.   To participate, you need your: SE-Key xxxxxxxxx#s, Student ID# «S0xxxxxxx», and your RMS ID «xxxxx» (the RMS ID is needed to pull a roommate into the room). If you identified a roommate(s), here is the name and RMS ID we have on record: Roommate#1  RMS#: , Roommate2#  RMS# . You must contact your intended roommate(s) for their S#. Your Se-Key, Student ID, and RMS ID were sent to you in the letter from the Office of Residence Life.    

Steps to accessing the Housing Portal:

  1. Log in to your Student Portal
  2. Select the Student Tab
  3. Select “Click Here to open My Southeast Self-Service”
  4. Click on the link to access your Self-Service page
  5. Select Southeast Student Processes
  6. Select Residence Life Housing Portal
  7. Click on the Residence Life Housing Portal Link
  8. The Housing portal window opens to a Welcome screen – if your message says that you are ineligible to use the site, you are attempting to use the site at the wrong time
  9. Select Priority Sign-up from the menu
  10. Select Room & Roommate (after reading the screen select continue)
  11. When you are searching for open rooms make sure enough beds display for you and your roommate(s), for best search results, select the residence hall only.
  12. To view occupants already assigned to a suite, click on the room number and the hyperlink OCCUPANT.  
  13. Once you have assigned yourself to a room, you cannot select a different room without contacting our office.

The room selection process is designed for students to pull in a roommate, if you have a roommate; the person with the earlier entry date should place the other in the room. To participate you need the RMS and Student ID# of your friend to place her/him in the open bed of the room selected. Individuals without a roommate can select a room; however, reassignment may occur if no one selects the second bed in the room chosen. Buildings with high demand have limited space available.

The room selection website does not work on Google Chrome, mobile devices, Kindles, or IPads/IPods. If you attempt to access this site from your school and have difficulty, it may be a result of the firewalls set by your school administrator. Warning! This site has multiple scroll bars! Individuals using laptops with small screens should make sure all scroll bars are visible on each page. For best results, have all passwords and IDs ready.

Please note: You must have submitted a Contract for University Housing and have paid your $150 housing deposit in order to be eligible for a housing assignment.