• Rowdy Rundown for September 28-October 11

    It's a special Homecoming edition of the Rundown.
  • Rowdy Rundown for November 23 - December 6

    Nathan Saverino talks about Red Surge and Takeshi Fujii is on the clock in the Rapid Rundown.
  • Rowdy Rundown - Episode 2.4


    Mindy Sanders talks about wearing denim for a cause; Redhawks Baseball and Softball take it outside; #lipesbasement becomes a new Twitter sensation.

  • Rowdy Rundown - Episode 2.5


    "Google it."  "I don't know how.."

  • Rowdy Rundown for November 9-22

    Peers Advocating Smoke-free Solutions (PASS) presents Comedian Renee Hicks and Valdis Zalite on the Rapid Rundown.
  • Rowdy Rundown - Episode 2.6 - Outtakes


    Season 2 wraps up with the time-honored tradition of the outtakes reel for the Rowdy Rundown.

  • Rowdy Rundown - Episode 3.2

  • Rowdy Rundown for October 26-November 8

    Howard Dean/Newt Gingrich healthcare debate, Friday Night Leadership and Up 'Til Dawn. The Career Linkages Warrior Princess drops by for the Rapid Rundown.
  • Rowdy Rundown - Episode 3.5


    On this episode of the Rundown:

    -Learn how to Kick Butts Downtown without getting arrested
    -Skin a skunk with Thomas Dismukes
    -Eric Redinger is on the Rapid Rundown
    -Katie Herring clues us in on Magical Muggle Harry Potter Night
    -Find out who won meet & greet passes for the Mythbusters Build Team

    The Rowdy Rundown - Overcharging you for changing your wiper blades since 2009.


  • Rowdy Rundown - Episode 2.1

    We're back! Did you miss us? Did you even know we were gone? The Rowdy Rundown is back with an all-new format, featuring user-generated content.
  • Rowdy Rundown for September 14 - 27

    Family Weekend, Student Government and Redhawks Athletics hightlight this episode of the Rowdy Rundown.
  • Rowdy Rundown for December 7-20

    Lance Sharp drops by for the Rapid Rundown.
  • Version 1.7 Outtakes

    Ever wonder what happens when you give two idiots microphones and recording equipment?
  • Rowdy Rundown 2.3


    Andi Malick previews the upcoming Volunteer Fair; Christy Mershon is on the Rapid Rundown; Thomas Marrone clues us in on Southeast's Mobile Website; and one of our co-hosts teaches you how to play a new game.

  • Rowdy Rundown for August 31 - Sept. 13

    Going Greek, Leadership skills and club resources, the start of the football season and more on this episode of the Rundown!
  • Rowdy Rundown - Episode 3.4


    On Episode 3.4, we'll go "Over the Edge" with Jen Rose, wax idiodic about crappy music, Dex & Jason shamelessly promote their upcoming podcasting seminar, find out how you can win a meet-and-greet with the Mythbusters, and Theresa Haug-Belvin stops by for the Rapid Rundown.

  • Rowdy Rundown - Episode 3.1


     - Why Diane Sides may be afraid to go into the bathroom in what is now the Jane Stephens Honors House
     - Our explanation of why Jersey Shore "actors" are doing so well
     - An introduction to the First-Year Leadership Program
     - Why Dex's DVR has been acting up
     - Other hilarious* antics

  • Rowdy Rundown - Episode 2.2


    Find out what happens when our co-hosts forget to take their A.D.D. medication.  Christy Mershon stops by to talk about Continuing Education and Thomas Marrone races the clock in the Rapid Rundown.

  • Rowdy Rundown for October 12 - 25

    Special interview with Aron Rolston, Randy Carter in the Rapid Rundown and a preview of Hurt, Pain and Peach Cobbler