The Mission of Missouri Professional Learning Communities is to build a sustained culture for learning in Missouri schools through the professional learning community process.

Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) are dedicated to ensuring all students learn at high levels. This is achieved through processes that shift focus from teaching to learning. PLCs establish a focus on learning, develop a collaborative culture and judge every action by the results produced. A professional learning community continuously improves its culture, practices and outcomes by analyzing teaching and learning in order to make focused decisions that support student needs.  

The Missouri Professional Learning Communities Curriculum aims at systemic, continuous improvement and includes eight distinct stands of learning:

  1. Culture
  2. Building-Level Leadership
  3. Administrative Leadership
  4. Collaborative Teams
  5. Curriculum
  6. Assessment
  7. Systematic Interventions
  8. Continuous Improvement

2017-2018 PLC Training

August 31 Meeting 1
September 27 Meeting 2
November 7 Meetiner 3
December 12 Meeting 4
February 27 Meeting 5       
September 14 Meeting 1
October 26 Meeting 2
December 14 Meeting 3
February 6 Meeting 4
March 21 Meeting 5      

PLC Sustaining Schools Training

September 7 Meeting 1
March 8  Meeting 2       


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