Southeast Missouri State University

If you have questions about your account, payment or financial aid, just call (573) 651-2253 and a member of our customer service staff will be happy to help you.  The customer service representatives are highly trained individuals that are here to answer your questions.

For specific questions you may have about your appeal for independent status or the review of your special circumstances, you may ask for Linda Buerck, Coordinator, Financial Aid.

If you have specific questions about the verification of your financial aid, you may ask for Dee Dee Stevens, Verification Specialist, Financial Aid.

For specific questions regarding federal loan eligibility for a second degree or study abroad or need information on private education loans, you may ask for Sarah Niswonger, Coordinator, Financial Aid.

If you have specific questions regarding your Stafford loan or a parent loan (PLUS), you may ask to speak with Sarah Niswonger, Coordinator or Paula Holekamp, Senior Loan Specialist, Financial Aid. 

For specific questions about Southeast scholarships or the renewal of your scholarship, you may ask for Krissy Loenneke, Coordinator, Financial Aid.

If you have specific questions about your outside scholarships (i.e. from your high school, place of employment, or community organization), you may ask for Cheryl Cooper, Scholarship Specialist, Financial Aid.

For specific questions about your Missouri Income Tax Credit, your Graduate Assistantship, your eligibility for state aid or your consortium agreement with another institution, you may ask for Cassandra Hicks, Coordinator, Financial Aid, or Kerri Saylor, Student Employment Specialist. Financial Aid.

If you have particular questions about  your unsatisfactory academic progress, applying for Missouri residency for fee paying purposes, or your athletic scholarship, you may ask for Laura Knoeppel, Coordinator, Financial Aid, or Alicia King, Program Specialist, Financial Aid.

For specific financial aid questions that have not been answered by contacting the appropriate staff member please contact our office to make an appointment with Karen Walker, Director of Financial Aid.