In order for you to get the assistance you need in planning your future semesters, it is imperative that you follow the directions below.  Ultimately, responsibility for scheduling classes and graduating in a timely manner rests with you. 

Preparing for the Advising Session

  1. Print a copy of your DegreeWorks audit. You should regularly check your degree audit to ensure that you will graduate according to your schedule;
  2. Highlight (with a highlighter) the following:
    1. the catalog year (first page)
    2. your overall GPA (first page)
    3. your GPA in social studies courses (in the area labeled "Social Studies Education")
    4. every requirement you still need to meet (If you've met it, the audit will read "Met".  If not, it will read "No.")
  3. Using the appropriate program planning guide (you can find a copy on this page), compare your own record of the requirements you've met with what the University has a record of you completing (on the audit).  There are often discrepancies, so it is best if we catch them early.  For example, if the audit shows that you do not have credit for SO102, but you know you've taken it, make note of that fact.  Be sure to ask about this issue in your advising session.  The program guides include detailed information about the various requirements connected to the B.S. Ed. in Secondary Social Studies.
  4. Find available courses that meet your needs (fulfill requirements, fit your schedule, etc.) using the online schedule of classes in MySoutheast.  If you see an interesting course that is not listed on the program planning guide or the DegreeWorks audit but that you think might meet a requirement, make a note to ask your advisor about it.  Remember to look for upper-level UI courses that might meet certain requirements. Write the courses you hope to take next to the requirements you think they will meet on the audit.;
  5. Write down any questions or concerns you have related to your degree audit, your schedule for next semester, or your plans for future semesters (such as when you plan to graduate).  Be sure to ask these questions in your advising session.  

Scheduling an Advising Session

In order to obtain your alternate PIN (a personal identity number needed for registration), you must schedule an advising meeting with your advisor, Dr. Kisat. To sign up for an advising appointment, please go to Dr. Kisat's office in Carnahan Hall Room 305 and sign up on the sheet outside her door after receiving notification that advising is open.

Admission to the SSED Program

All students in SS200 will be interviewing for admission to the program during their fall advising session.

Additional Notes

  1. Alternate PINs change each semester.  You will need the PIN you receive in the advising session should you have to drop or add courses next semester, so keep the number where you can find it.
  2. You must register for all education courses, except EX390 Psychology and Education of the Exceptional Child, in person in the Middle and Secondary Education office (Scully 245).
  3. If you are on any catalog prior to 2023-2013, you should change to a later catalog. The new program will improve your preparation for teaching and your total number of course hours will probably be reduced.

After meeting with the social studies advisor, register for courses online as soon as your are allowed to do so (see Priority Registration Dates and Directions for Online Enrollment).


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