To assess your efforts in pursuing the B.S. in Education Secondary Social Studies degree and to help the Department of History in assessing the program itself, we will compile an assessment file on each major. One vital element of that file will revolve around your creation of a portfolio. These materials will be useful to you as you apply for teaching positions. Each semester as you meet with your advisor this file will be reviewed and updated. Some of the assessment requirements include:

Demonstrate Level 1 Computer Competency

Demonstration of computer competence will be assessed upon entrance into the program and near the completion of degree requirements. You should be able to use the Windows operating system to copy files, disk copy, format, delete files and directories, make directories, virus check disks and other basic skills. Much of your written work will be computer generated so you should have some competence in word processing skills including formatting, spell checking, and footnote/endnote citations. To help in your research you should be able to use computerized bibliographies and data bases (e.g. SADIE, America: History and Life, and Historical Abstracts).

To insure that you have these skills very early in the program, competency will be demonstrated in American History I (US 105) and American History II (US107) in the required research project and in SE 390 Instructional Interventions for Middle and High School Students with Special Literacy Needs. Transfer students or others who are unable to complete computer competencies as part of American History I and II, may demonstrate some elements of level 1 competency by completing SE300 Technology to Enhance Teaching OR AD 101 Introduction to Microcomputer Applications and by demonstrating competence to a person selected by the department.

Demonstrate Advanced Computer and Instructional Technology Competency

It is becoming increasingly important for secondary teachers to be literate in all aspects of computer and instructional technology. In the semesters after your US105 / US107 experience you should take every opportunity to increase your computer literacy.

For our program, you will demonstrate advanced computer and instructional technology competencies in SE318 Techniques of Teaching Social Studies and in the clinical field experience. Upon completion you should be able to use the Internet to create lesson plans which will allow your secondary students to interact in a meaningful way with resources around the globe. You should also be able to use e-mail to connect with other students and remote sites. Each student in the program will be asked to
demonstrate some desk-top publishing skills including the use of tables, charts, and graphics and the basic elements of spreadsheets for use in creating and analyzing student grades. You will also be required to create a web page, demonstrate your ability to use Smart Boards, tablets, and other classroom technology.

Demonstrate the Ability to Utilize the Disciplinary Knowledge Base

This will be evidenced by your selection of appropriate content and materials in classroom presentations and in unit plans and other materials submitted in the Techniques of Teaching Social Studies class and in linking them to the Thematic Standards of the NCSS and the Missouri Grade Level Expectations.

Successfully Demonstrate Teaching Competencies

This competency will be documented by including evaluations completed by the Cooperating teacher and the University supervisor in each of the field experience blocks, in your teacher work sample portfolio; and by successfully completing the student teaching requirements.

Demonstrating Knowledge of the Disciplines and Teaching Strategies

Assessment will involve receiving passing scores on the MoGea test required for admission to the teacher education program and on the Missouri Educator Gateway Assessment – Secondary Social Studies Content Exam social studies 0081 (normally completed during the senior year). You can find more information about these tests here: and

Teacher Work Sample

The Teacher Work Sample will be developed and used in Blocks II and III. A final evaluation of the Teacher Work Sample will be completed during Block IV externally via the MoPTA. You must demonstrate your capabilities to successfully function in school settings by providing evidence of your knowledge of and ability to teach the content from each of the ten themes in the Standards for Teachers of Social Studies (NCSS Standards; and of your ability to meet the performance standards for beginning teachers established by the State of Missouri. This will be demonstrated through the successful completion of the Teacher Work Sample.

Exit Interview

An important element in the department’s assessment strategy is an exit assessment during which you will discuss the program, your final Teacher Work Sample, and other issues by completing a questionnaire and through discussions with your advisor and/or a faculty committee including the department chairperson and your advisor.