Certification for Teaching in Illinois
Certification for Teaching in Missouri
Obtaining a Substitute Teaching Certificate in Missouri

If you have 60 hours, do it; you need the experience.

The Missouri Content Exam

A general exam on the content a social studies teacher is expected to know and understand.  The exam covers U.S. History, world history, government/civics/political science, geography, economics, and the behavioral science fields of sociology, psychology, and anthropology.

  • Social Studies majors at Southeast should plan to take Missouri Content Exam prior to beginning taking SE318/SE370 (Block III.)  The process of studying for the Praxis will help you to take inventory of the breadth and depth of your knowledge and understanding.  In the process of preparing for this exam, you will notice holes in your content knowledge and begin the work of addressing them.  In turn, this intensive preparation will better prepare you for making the professional curricular decisions you will have to make during your Block III and IV field experiences.  In addition, having this certification requirement completed before you begin Block III will take a significant amount of pressure off of you.
  • Social Studies majors take the exam entitled Social Studies: Content Knowledge (0081)
  • A score of 152 is required for certification in Missouri.  Illinois uses another test for certification purposes.  Additional information on Missouri's Missouri Content Exam requirements can be found here.
  • On the registration form, you will need to enter a code for the university at which you received the majority of your training and a code for the university to which you want your scores sent.  The code for Southeast is RA6655.
Additional Information About the Missouri Content Exam Content and Structure
Additional Registration and Preparation Information
Praxis Exam II Test Dates.
Adding Middle School Certification

You can add Middle School Certification (grades 5-9) to your secondary certification through coursework in the Middle School Program or by taking a Praxis exam as described on this page.