Social Work Major

The social work major is a 57 hour professional degree that competently prepares students for entry level practice in professional social work or to enter graduate social work education. It is strongly focused on the acquisition of social work values, skills, and knowledge with emphasis on social justice and diversity. It does not require a minor to satisfy university graduation policy. The social work program is fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) and, upon graduation from the program, affords the student advanced standing in numerous social work graduate programs throughout the US.

The major is taught by a concerned, student-focused faculty who have considerable experience in both practice and social work education. The faculty are highly involved with students in both advising and in the educational process. Students choosing the major can expect to receive considerable personal mentoring and guidance by faculty.

Students choosing to engage in this major can also expect to experience considerable personal growth and development as well as acquiring a broad range of social work knowledge and societal awareness. Multiple opportunities abound for students to express their passion and individuality from participation in the Social Work Club to faculty sponsored “hands on” community experiences.

Social Work Minors

The Department of Social Work offers two options for a minor:

  • Social Welfare option
  • Social Work Practice option

The purpose of the social welfare option is to explore the field of social welfare, focusing on programs, policies, and procedures, which provide direction for the delivery of social welfare services. Requirements for the Social Welfare option are as follows: SW110, SW201, SW207, SW310 and three additional hours selected among the approved social work electives.

The social work practice option explores the scope of social work practice, focusing on social work interventions and fields or practice. Requirements for the social work practice option are as follows: SW110, SW121, SW207, SW315* and three (3) additional hours selected among the approved social work electives.

*SW315 is offered Spring semester only.

Please note that minors in the department may not take social work practice courses, including SW221, SW321, SW322, SW323, SW449, and SW450.


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