Transfer Student Information

Southeast Missouri State University accepts transfer credit from regionally accredited four-year colleges or universities. The Department of Social Work also accepts those hours but expects all students to meet the requirements for the BS degree in social work. An evaluation of each transcript is made by the Chair to determine comparability with the social requirements for all students transferring to the department. The Chair serves as the initial advisor for all transfer students. All other admission criteria apply here.

Studnets who wish to take courses at another college or university during a summer or regular session should, after talking to their advisor, check with the Registrar's Office to determine whether or not the course(s) will transfer to the University.

Articulation Agreement

To ensure a smooth transition from a two-year institution to Southeast Missouri State University, the University has developed and ratified eleven articulation handbooks, one for each of the eleven schools within the region, including Missouri, Illinois and Arkansas. The articulation handbooks are available to transfer students on the University's web site. These department-to-department curriculum plans provide a clear pathway for students from each of the community colleges to all majors at Southeast Missouri State University.

An evaluation of each student's transcript is made by the Chair to ensure that all requirements of the articulation agreement have been satisfied as the student transitions to the Social Work Program and prepares for admission as a major. The Chair serves as the inital advisor to all community college transfers. All other admission criteria apply here.

For more help, you can go to the Admissions - Transfer Students or to the Registrar Transfer Course Conversion.