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Biomedical Student Finds Personalized Attention at Southeast

College of Science and Mathemetics

Hannah Korte, a biomedical sciences major at Southeast, describes her independent research in the fungal molecular biology lab as rewarding and challenging. Korte says, “It has been fulfilling to work one-on-one with my professors and to learn what being in the field of molecular biology means. It is largely because of knowing them and seeing what they do that I am considering teaching at the university level myself.”

Korte has recently completed her Graduation with Distinction project, which is like an undergraduate thesis. “This is what science really is—not memorizing a bunch of facts, but discovering truths about the world and communicating them to others.”

The small class sizes at Southeast are something Korte values. “I am more than just a number; I am a person. I am able to ask questions in class and engage in conversation with my professors.  These professors generally have open-door policies—if you want to ask a question and they are in their offices, you can walk right in. This personalized attention allowed me to ask the questions I didn’t have time to ask in class.  In addition, my professors are willing to share their experiences about graduate school and their careers. I have advisors who really care about who I am and where I am going.”

When Korte isn’t studying, she enjoys reading, taking walks with friends, playing the piano, and singing.  She sang with Choral Union, Southeast’s community choir, four semesters.  Korte describes her experience with singing and music at Southeast as not only fun, but also incredible for building confidence. “If you can sing in front of people, speaking to them is not a problem.”

Korte says that every student should know that “it is important to remember that no matter how amazing someone seems, how well a professor knows his or her subject material, or how much experience someone has, no one is right about everything.  Critical thinking skills are absolutely essential when you are encountering so many brilliant people.  Sift through ideas carefully, and take with you what is good.”