Southeast Missouri State University

Southeast Freshmen Loves to Volunteer

College of Education

Volunteering is something that not all people enjoy.  Southeast Missouri State University freshman Kelsey Magee, of Columbia, Ill., thrives on it. 

Kelsey, an elementary education major, volunteered in many organizations in high school, and she said she looks forward to becoming involved in more volunteer projects at Southeast. 

“In high school, I was a volunteer coach for a sixth grade volleyball team.  I really enjoyed being involved in high school, and I hope to be involved in volunteering and other organizations here in Cape Girardeau,” Kelsey said.

Joining the sorority Alpha Xi Delta and the Junior Pan-Hellenic Council has already enhanced Kelsey’s volunteer opportunities at Southeast.  Kelsey recently participated in Alpha Xi Delta’s Autism Walk, and she plans on getting more involved in the sorority by running for an office during elections.  

 Being a freshman at a university can be overwhelming at first, but Kelsey said that joining a sorority has helped her ease her way into college and meet wonderful friends. 

“Joining Alpha Xi Delta was probably the best thing I could have done for myself because of the opportunities it presents,” Kelsey said.  “I have a larger group of friends, it encourages me to keep my grades up, and it keeps me active with volunteer work.”

Kelsey said that receiving the Regional Achievement Award financially enabled her to join the sorority.  The Regional Achievement Award provided Kelsey with in-state tuition plus 10 percent because of her outstanding ACT score and high school grade point average.

“Because of the Regional Achievement Award, I am able to be involved in different organizations which you must pay dues to belong, like Alpha Xi Delta.  It has opened many doors for me here at Southeast,” Kelsey said.