Southeast Missouri State University

Southeast Double-Major Interns at KRCU

College of Liberal Arts (Department of Communication Studies)

Southeast Missouri State University student Megan Moore is interning next summer with on-campus National Public Radio station, KRCU.

KRCU includes two stations that provide in-depth news and quality music programming to nearly 1.9 million people in its service regions of southeast Missouri and southern Illinois. KRCU broadcasts 24 hours a day and provides practical broadcast experience for University students.

"I think this will be a great gateway into other media opportunities," the Cape Girardeau, Mo., native said. "The experience I gain from this internship will enhance my research, communication and critical thinking skills. I’m looking forward to having other doors opened in the performance or media field as a result of this internship."

After she graduates in May 2013, she said she plans to move to a city to find work, hopefully with a job in the entertainment industry.

She already began building a background in show business at Southeast when she worked on the production crew for "Fall for Dance" last year. Her job at Cape Girardeau’s Parks and Recreation Department has also given her some entertainment experience. There, she teaches children’s theatre and holds various customer service positions.

Her favorite moments from Southeast came from her honors speech class last semester, SC 105, "Fundamentals of Oral Communication." She had already declared Spanish as a major, and she said this class inspired her to add communication studies as a second major, explaining that her teacher, Dr. Glenn Williams, professor of communication studies, encouraged classmate interaction while still promoting intense learning. Her favorite memory from that class is when he left on a toddler’s tricycle with a bell and helmet.

"Thus far at Southeast I have learned some incredible skills and obtained some extremely useful life lessons along the way. My teachers have been so enthusiastic and encouraging. It’s easy to see how much they care about the success of their students. While their support helps me to excel in the classroom, it has also allowed me to carry my knowledge into my current job and daily activities," she said.

She enjoys a variety of activities in her spare time, including singing, photography, traveling, piano, reading, acting and spending time with family and friends. She also collects bouncy balls and tiaras. A little-known fact about Megan is that she has been skydiving, and she said she hopes to do it again soon.

Singing is her favorite pastime, and she said she indulges that passion through weekly voice lessons, various vocal competitions, and this year, she plans to audition for the University’s opera.

She said she loves Cape Girardeau, and her favorite part of the city is its natural beauty.

"I have lived around this area my entire life, and I have yet to grow tired of the endless serenity Cape has to offer through its mighty river, gorgeous parks and landscaping, and its captivating wildlife," she said, adding, "I always feel closest to God in nature, so Cape is the ideal place to nurture my relationship with him."

Megan also loves to travel, she said, and her favorite travel destination is Italy. After her senior year in high school, she explored Italy with a group from her school and a few other schools in Texas and Minnesota.

"It was honestly the most incredible experience," she said. "I have never been in a more unique and cultured place."

As a Spanish major, Megan again has the chance to travel the world next spring. She will attend a semester-long study abroad experience in Madrid, Spain, and receive several hours of credit toward her degree.

"I am really excited about the opportunity to completely submerge myself in the culture and language of Spain. I expect to have some incredible stories and experiences to share once I return," she said.

She advises future Southeast students, "If you are looking for a well-rounded, solid, respectable and enjoyable education, come to Southeast. The combination of grade-A faculty, the sophisticated classes and the social and beautiful campus all add up to an amazing college experience."