Southeast Missouri State University

Dr. Peter Gordon


If you want to travel or study abroad, you might want to meet Marketing professor Peter Gordon.  Having traveled to over 50 countries and driven on six continents, the Australian native wants to reach 100 countries before he retires. 

When asked to recommend destinations, Gordon says it depends on your goals and how long you plan to stay.  For instance, he says, “Cities to live...Sydney; to visit...Lisbon and Athens; for vacation...London, Paris, Rome; for relaxation...Maui and Western Samoa.”

Apart from traveling, Gordon has a love for music that has resulted in a collection of several thousand LP’s on which he remarks, “You know, those things that preceded CD’s.”  As for sports, the Australian-born professor prefers his favorite sport, rugby, and equates American football to sumo wrestling with helmets.  He has, however, grown to love baseball and is an avid St. Louis Cardinal fan.

Teaching was not Gordon’s original career path.  Following completion of his MBA at Southern Illinois University, he returned to work in Australia.  About a year later, he received a call from a former department chair who offered him a semester-long teaching position.  One thing led to another, Gordon finished his doctorate, and he arrived at Southeast in 1980 to join the College of Business faculty.

Gordon is an active researcher and teaches classes in international marketing, international business and marketing management.  On his teaching philosophy, he says, “I don’t like to teachᾰI like to create learning opportunities.  I want them (students) to discover ‘stuff’ themselves.”

He also serves as the director of International Programs and actively works to develop new study abroad and exchange opportunities for Southeast students.  He wants the students to develop a global perspective and observe the “best practices” of other countries.  Gordon believes this is the only way to truly grow as individuals, as businesses and as a culture.