Southeast Missouri State University

Dr. Julie Weathers

Department of Agriculture

Julie Weathers is a professor in the Department of Agriculture. A native of Lubbock, Texas, her childhood on a small farm is what made her want to study animal science. She earned her Bachelor of Science in animal science and meat science, her Master of Science in animal science and reproductive physiology and her Ph.D. in animal science and reproductive physiology all from Texas Tech University.

“I grew up around livestock, and I knew I wanted to focus on animals. During my undergraduate education, I took an amazing class where I decided I wanted to focus on the technology and science that helps to create better genetics in our industry,” she says.

Her academic area of interest is beef cattle reproduction and genetics. She teaches courses on introduction to animal science, animal science experiences, animal handling, principles of animal nutrition, animal breeding reproduction, beef production and animal immunology and diseases. Her primary interest is in agricultural technology and ways to improve agriculture through technological advances.

“I knew I liked the hands-on aspect of my career. However, I didn’t want to only focus on production agriculture. I wanted to be able to create advances in technology and help with educating our future agriculturalists,” she says.

She values Southeast Missouri State University’s Department of Agriculture and the size of the University.

“It seemed like a very hands-on department with lots of practical application in our field, and I wanted to stay in the smaller schools, so I would be able to know my students,” she said.

Her favorite thing about Southeast is all of the people she’s met, including staff, faculty and students. She looks forward to making plenty of memories.

“I try to give practical information the students will use again once they finish school. I also try to stick to lots of activities, so you can learn from doing. I fully believe all aspects of your education should mesh together because you will end up using many subject areas once you start your career,” she says.

She advises students to enjoy their time in college because it is over really quick. She also suggests students should take a variety of classes because they may never know what information might be useful in the future.

In her spare time, Julie enjoys traveling. She’s been to all but six states and overseas several times. Her next big trip will be to Italy and Greece.