Southeast Missouri State University

Dr. Glen Williams


Everyone has heard the familiar adage “the pen is mightier than the sword.”  Southeast communication professor Glen Williams lives by this mantra.  Williams is fascinated by the impact of the spoken and written word on every aspect of our society.  He believes that both effective written and spoken communication are important because “the power of the word ranges across many mediums.”

In the classroom, Williams instructs his students on the fundamentals of communication, but on his days off, he hits the trails.  Williams loves nothing better than to hike and camp in the mountains of northern California.  He says the natural beauty of the mountains, streams and ocean gives the location an irresistible appeal. 

Williams, who studied at Southeast as an undergraduate, returned from his doctoral studies at Indiana University to teach in the Department of Communication. He is well respected by students and faculty for his energetic teaching style and ability to help even the most shy students become effective communicators. 

Williams is an accomplished scholar in his field.  He has published two textbooksᾰwith Houghton Mifflinᾰon the subject, and is now under contract to produce a third. He has also authored several scholarly articles in major journals -- Quarterly Journal of Speech, Rhetoric & Public Affairs, Southern Communication Journal and the Basic Communication Course Annual – and serves as director of SC 105 “Fundamentals of Oral Communication.”