Election Information

Student Government holds two types of elections: the General Election and Special Elections.

General Elections occur each April. During this election, every Senate and Executive position is open, and to run for a position, you must be in good academic and judicial standing. Simply fill out a Statement of Candidacy form in the CSI (UC 204) and provide a wallet-sized photo of yourself and a 50-word biography. You may file your Statement of Candidacy form beginning the first day of the S pring semester. After filing, you will receive additional information about campaigning and voting. Voting occurs the first consecutive Wednesday and Thursday in April on the Southeast Portal.

Special Elections occur once per semester and are only necessary when Senate positions remain unfilled after the General Election. To run for a position during Special Elections, fill out a Statement of Candidacy form in the CSI (UC 204). You will then be asked to attend one Senate meeting and be interviewed by the Senate. The Senate will vote to select individuals to fill open positions.


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