Actuarial science includes the study of areas such as mathematics, probability, statistics, finance, and economics. An actuary applies these areas of study to assess risk in business and industrial settings. The most common areas studied are insurance and finance.

Actuarial science students will…
  • Interact with statistics and actuarial faculty with diverse backgrounds.
  • Be exposed to practical projects in actuarial risk, financial time series, and regression modeling.
  • Have a strong foundation in calculus and probability.
  • Be prepared for professional examinations. Curriculum guidance and study sessions are part of the program core.
  • Have access to modern computer labs with mathematical and statistical software.
  • Be encouraged to join Math Club. Learn how to use software to model and predict risk behaviors.
  • Enroll in business courses, which is a unique feature of this program.
  • Have opportunities to intern with corporations in metropolitan areas such as St. Louis and Memphis.

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