BioMed Video
Southeast can prepare you for medical school

This option is for the students preparing to apply for admission into a professional school in one of the following areas: allopathic medicine, osteopathic medicine, chiropractic medicine optometry, or dentistry. Students interested in biomedical research may also consider this option. The curriculum includes supporting chemistry, physics, and mathematics course work.

The Department of Biology has numerous research and teaching labs that provide excellent opportunities for “hands-on” experiences. We have relationships with local health professionals and two regional hospitals, that provide numerous opportunities for volunteering, part-time employment, internships, and shadowing. Students may also choose to be involved in the Student Medical Society and Alpha Epsilon Delta honorary society.

Biomedical Sciences students will…
  • Meet with their advisor each semester to assess their progress towards admission to a professional school.
  • Take a core of courses that prepares them in any area of biology.
  • Take rigorous coursework in animal physiology and molecular genetics which are required for most medical schools.
  • Select additional electives in virology, immunology, pathogenic bacteriology, epidemiology, health physics, and toxicology.
  • Complete 80 hours (for 2 credit hours) of experiential learning, usually shadowing doctors and nurses.
  • Complete additional coursework in organic chemistry, physics, and mathematics to make them competitive for admission to medical schools.
  • Attend classes in the renovated Magill Hall furnished with modern equipment.

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