The College of Education creates a supportive climate to help all pre-education majors meet the rigor of teacher education. Students have the opportunity to participate in Tomorrow’s Teachers Learning Community which links cohort learning and living opportunities.

Students also receive support in preparation for the entrance exam required for admission. We currently offer 27 undergraduate licensure programs and options for advanced licensure, as well. Students say the learning community and cohort structure of our programs encourage a strong bond with peers and increased success across the program.

Pre-Education students will…
  • Participate in multiple field experiences in local classrooms.
  • Integrate technology into the curriculum with our one-to-one instructional model.
  • Have the opportunity for student teaching abroad, including our partnership with Eagles College in Iquique, Chile.
  • Opportunities for leadership in our numerous student organizations.
  • Have full-time faculty with experience in the classroom as their primary instructors.
  • Enjoy the benefit of national accreditation of our programs.

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